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Global producer of silica-based inorganic chemicals that includes sodium silicate, potassium silicate, silica gel, hollow microsphere, zeolite, molecular sieve, catalyst, and fine glass sphere.

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  • Perstorp AB - Supplier of products for the engineering and construction chemicals industries, such as polyols, performance chemicals and resins.
  • Purac - The world\\'s largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates, lactitol, lactides and polylactides.
  • Polatom - Radioisotope Centre - Polish producer of radioactive materials for: medicine, science, industry, environmental p protection.
  • Penrice Soda Products Pty., Ltd. - Manufactures and sells light and dense soda ash, diversified manufacturers sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate in various grades, bicarb diversified manufacturers and salt all in bulk or packaged, and diversified manufacturers various limestone products.
  • Peters Chemical - Sell calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, lime, limestone, calcium clhoride, ice diversified manufacturers melters, airport deicers, urea, potassium chloride, lime kiln dust and diversified manufacturers fertilizers.
  • Proviron - Chemical manufacturing company active in the field of diversified manufacturers speciality chemicals chemicals, both as producer and toll manufacturer.
  • Power Chemical Silicone - PC Silicone supplies silane fluids, coupling and crosslinking p agents, from diversified manufacturers China.
  • PolexChem - Industrial chemical company specialized in petrochemical polyurethane raw material production for shoe sole and slippers sector. Manufacturer of polyurethane systems (system aus) and their components (polyester resin, poliol, prepolimer, and catalyst syst
  • PQ Corporation - Global producer of silica-based inorganic chemicals that includes diversified manufacturers sodium p silicate, potassium silicate, silica gel, hollow microsphere, diversified manufacturers zeolite, molecular p sieve, catalyst, and fine glass sphere.
  • Purification Technologies, Inc. - Provides ultra high purity solvents, solvent containers and p dispensing systems.
  • Pacific Corrosion Control Corp. - Manufacturer of anticorrosion coatings, anticorrosion grease, water and fuel stabilizers.
  • Pax Chemicals - Manufacturer of speciality chemicals.
  • PHT International, Inc. - Manufacturers and suppliers of high purity chemical intermediates.
  • Pfaltz & Bauer - Fine and rare chemicals, from the mundane to the impossible to find.
  • Priaton - Partner for the creation of combinatorial compounds. Priaton p deals with diversified manufacturers topics like isocyanides, multi component chemistry, p high throuput screening, ugi diversified manufacturers reaction, and MCR. A p service provider for the project-related work diversified manufacturers out and p synthesis of new classes of
  • Performance Process, Inc. - Providing industry with custom formulated defoamers technology. Technology that behaves p predictably every time, in harsh environments.
  • Polyphenols AS - A company based on the production of anthocyanins and other p polyphenols with high purity.

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