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Manufacturers and sells a full line of synthetic lubricants, greases and oils. In addition, it manufacturers custom blended lubricating products for specialized uses in industry.

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  • Shanghai Orient Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. - Integrated chemical enterprise producing organic solvents and intermediates, chemicals plasticizers, silicone oil, and PVC.
  • SHH Company, Ltd. - A full service company that manufactures and distributes a wide diversified manufacturers range of chemical products. Specialize in providing environmentally compatible solutions. diversified manufacturers Premier product, Ice-MC, is a safe, fast-acting chemical de-icer that diversified manufacturers leaves no messy residue.
  • SNF Floerger - Producer of synthetic flocculants, with links to applications chemicals information, research s and development.
  • Stepan Chemical Company - Manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in s a broad range of industries.
  • Shinde Chemicals - Manufacturer of metal surface treatment chemicals.
  • Samsung Oil & Fat Corporation - Produces biodegradable polyesters, polyvinyl acetates, polyacrylic acids, polyurethane chemicals adhesives, plastic chemicals molding chemicals and textile chemicals.
  • Seki Chemicals Co. - Supplier of metal surface treating chemicals and welding diversified manufacturers flux chemicals for copper and aluminium.
  • SanYou Chemical Industries Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of dense and light soda ash for food chemicals additive, medical and industrial applications. Technical specifications. Part of the chemicals SanYou Group. English and Chinese.
  • Shepherd Chemical Company - Supplier of inorganic metal salts and specialty carboxylates s to global markets.
  • Shunde Garry Fine Chemicals Factory - Supplying demoulding agents, auto-care products, coolants and antirusting chemicals agents.
  • The Styrene Forum - An international resource for current, accurate information on s styrene and diversified manufacturers products made from styrene. Basic answers s to your questions about diversified manufacturers styrene, its uses and s benefits as well as how styrene diversified manufacturers based products s are tested and regulated.
  • Sentinel Lubricants Corporation - Manufacturers and sells a full line of synthetic lubricants, greases s and oils. In addition, it manufacturers custom blended lubricating products s for specialized uses in industry.
  • Sovereign Chemical Industries, Ltd. - Producer of wood preserving, damp proofing, wood staining chemicals and injection chemicals fluid chemicals. Also sealants, adhesives, and chemicals timber treatment.
  • Solvay Bario e Derivati - Massa - Producer of Barium Chemicals, as Barium Sulphate (Blanc s fixe), High Purity Barium-, Strontium- and Calcium-Compounds, Barium s Hydroxide and other Barium and Sodium Derivates.
  • Stellar Solutions, Inc. - CitriSurf is a citric acid based cleaner and diversified manufacturers passivator that replaces the old nitric acid systems.
  • Sibeco Group - Belgian chemical distributor and manufacturer, active in industrial and performance diversified manufacturers chemicals, feed additives and food ingredients.
  • Shell Chemicals - Major producer of olefins, aromatics, detergent alcohols, thermoplastic rubber, resins, s polyethylene terepthalate and oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Producer of chemical intermediates including amides and amines, diversified manufacturers chemicals chemicals for the semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical coatings and diversified manufacturers capsule materials, chemicals as well as a range of diversified manufacturers general organic and chemicals inorganic chemicals.[Korean/English]
  • Shuangling Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. - Company in China producing a diverse range of diversified manufacturers chemicals, including chlorine and caustic soda, aluminum phosphide, diversified manufacturers and a range of organic intermediates, feed additives, diversified manufacturers and flavor chemicals.
  • Sasol - Produces and markets a variety of primary, intermediate diversified manufacturers and final chemical products (mining chemicals, fertilizer, explosives, diversified manufacturers tar and gases) to South African and international diversified manufacturers customers.
  • Sumitomo Chemical Co. - Chemical manufacturer offering a diverse range of products, chemicals including basic chemicals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Swati Chemical Industries - Manufacturers and exporter of various chemicals for diverse industries such s as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, cosmetics, pulp, textiles and petrochemicals. India, s Vadodara, Gujarat.
  • Savogran - Manufactures paint removers, cleaning and patching compounds. Products include Strypeeze, diversified manufacturers Kutzit, TSP, LevelBest, Dirtex.
  • S&D Chemicals, Ltd. - Manufacturers\\' representative offering fine bulk chemicals, nutraceuticals, botanicals, diversified manufacturers dyes and desiccants in Canada and US.
  • Sumitomo-Dow - Japanese partner of Dow Chemicals in manufacturing optical diversified manufacturers grade polycarbonate for Asian customers.
  • Synchem, Inc. - Research and development company that specializes in custom synthesis of diversified manufacturers organic compounds.
  • Synthon Corporation - 3-, 4-, and 5-carbon chiral building blocks for chemicals the pharmaceutical, s agrochemical, and flavor/fragrance industries.
  • Specialty Coating Systems - Manufactures parylene coating and table top spin coaters for University diversified manufacturers and research and development applications. Also produces iononic contamination testing diversified manufacturers equipment and solder paste inspection systems.
  • Shanghai TaiJie Chemical Co., Ltd. - Produces a variety of performance chemicals used in chemicals textiles, dyeing, and printing, as well as enzymes chemicals and intermediate chemicals.
  • Socomor, Finishing Technologies - To elaborate, produce and develop solutions for surface treatment and diversified manufacturers finishing products meant for the transport industry all over the diversified manufacturers world.
  • Shanghai Jianping Chemical Co., Ltd. - Chinese producer of a diverse range of fine chemicals and s reagents, including tin dioxide, methylbenzene sulfonic acid, chloramine T, cupric s acetate, and sodium dimercaptopropane sulfonate.
  • Sachem Inc. - Supplier of ultrapure chemicals for use in electronics, life sciences, s catalysis, and polymer applications. Examples include organic bases, ionic liquids, s phase transfer agents, electrosynthesis products, and zeolite templates.
  • S.C.Raoul-Duval - Chemical for leather industry, Tannery, vegetable and synthetic tannin and dyestuff.
  • Saurashtra Specialities Pvt. Ltd. - Specialist manufacturer of modified starches and speciality chemicals for various industries.
  • Shama Chemicals and Rubber Corporation - Imports synthetic rubber and speciality rubber chemicals primarily s for the diversified manufacturers domestic Indian market.
  • Saudi Basic Industries Corp - Diversified manufacturing company, active in chemicals, polymers, fertilizers chemicals and metal.

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