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Manufacture and sell speciality chemicals for the performance and fine chemicals markets . Includes a full product index, quality and environmental issues, news and events, and a listing of agents .

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  • Trilogy Chemicals - Silicones, defoamers, paint additives, cosmetic chemicals, and other t specialties can t be sourced online via Trilogy Group, t LLC.
  • The Tessenderlo Group Inc - International chemicals group. Main activities are inorganic chemicals, diversified manufacturers fine chemicals, plastics converting, PVC and natural organic diversified manufacturers products.
  • TFL Leather Technology, Ltd. - A multinational supplier to the leather industry of chemicals chemicals for use in the beamhouse, tanning, and chemicals finishing processes.
  • Thomas Swan & Co Ltd - Manufacture and sell speciality chemicals for the performance chemicals and fine chemicals chemicals markets . Includes a full chemicals product index, quality and chemicals environmental issues, news and chemicals events, and a listing of agents chemicals .
  • Telechem Manufacturing - An industrial maintenance chemical manufacturer and distributor specializing in degreasers, chemicals solvents, all purpose cleaners, adhesive removers, mastic removers, and windshield chemicals washer fluid.
  • Tianjin Chemical Reagent No. 1 Plant - Manufacturer and supplier of a variety of chemical chemicals products in China, including laboratory reagents, food additives, chemicals and industrial chemicals.
  • Tosoh Corporation - Global supplier of basic inorganic chemicals, olefins and polymers, and t specialty materials into industries including semiconductors, pharmaceutical, health care, and t food.
  • True Time Industrial Corporation - Specialized in manufacturing of hardener for epoxy resin. t Main products t include hardeners of polyamide resin and t modified amine resin.
  • Taiko - Manufacturer of bleaching earths, inorganic chemicals, latex gloves, wooden floorings, t high density polyethylene drums, bitumen and bituminuous products.
  • Tetra Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures chemicals for the oil, gas, process, technology, and specialty firms.
  • Tianjiao International Trading Co. (USA), Inc. - Specialize in supplying rare earth products, large quantity chemicals steel products, silicon ferro alloys, and polishing powder.
  • Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. - Manufacturing plant for Pthalic Anhydride, Maleic Anhydride, and diversified manufacturers Fumaric Acid. Supplier to pharmaceutical and epoxy industries.
  • Trib-Tech - Producer of new chemical tools for joining metal t parts by solid phase cold welding methods.
  • Torlin Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Production and marketing of environmentally friendly glass etching powder and cream for surface treatment.
  • TCI America - International supplier of high-purity, organic chemicals for research, pharmaceutical, and chemicals synthesis applications.
  • Tessenderlo Chemie - Specializes on inorganic chemicals, alkalis.
  • Triple-s Chemical Products, Inc. - Specialize in the manufacture and supply of all t basic chemical for Patinas and Antiquing.

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