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Database of manufacturers producing acid, basic, direct, disperse, mordant, reactive, and solvent vat dyes and pigments for application in textiles, leather, plastics, and paper.

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  • Parshwanath Dyestuff Industries - Manufactures and distributes industrial dyes, food coloring, reactive dyes and pigments dyes, laboratory reagents, pigment powder, acid dyes, and dyes and pigments direct dyes. Located in Gujarat, India.
  • Aljo Mfg. Company - Dyestuff manufacturer providing acid, basic, direct, disperse, MX fibre-reactive, and chemicals vat dyes.
  • China Wellton Chemical - Manufacturer and exporter of high performance organic pigments, chemicals dyestuffs, chemical chemicals intermediates and specialty chemicals.
  • Shuaixian Dyestuff Industries - Specializes in the production of acid dyes, acid chemicals mordant dyes, business basic dyes and direct dyes.
  • Kelco Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Producers and distributor of dyes, pigments, and intermediate chemicals chemicals in China.
  • DyesOnline.com - Database of manufacturers producing acid, basic, direct, disperse, mordant, reactive, and solvent vat dyes and pigments for application in textiles, leather, plastics, and paper.
  • Wenzhou Longda Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. - Producer of disperse and acid dyes in China. Company profile dyes and pigments and product listing.
  • Changsha tricyclic high pigment Development Limited - Manufacturer of iron oxide pigments, paints, ink pigments, chemicals cement, building business materials, color pigments, paints ceramic and chemicals iron, manganese, Zinc-based feed business additives.
  • Western Pigment Chemical Products srl - Manufacturer of dispersions of inorganic and organic compounds business in an business unsaturated polyester resin vehicle, for use business in composite products. Facilities business in Italy and Malaysia.
  • Shaoxing County Wantong Dyestuff & Chemical Co., Ltd. - Specialized manufacturer of disperse dyes in China.
  • Guangzhou Bosi Plastic Pigments Limited - Company in China engaged in developing and producing plastic and chemicals rubber coloring technology. Products include color masterbatches for styrenics, polyolefins, chemicals PVC, and engineering plastics. Overview of capabilities and products.
  • Rosi Chemical Co., Ltd. - Manufactures acid dyes, mordant dyes, direct dyes, and chemicals leather dyes.
  • American Dispersions, Inc. - Manufactures dispersions and emulsions, also distributor of many business others.
  • Huaian Concord Industrial Product Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of pearlescent pigments. Details dyes and pigments business applications in Cosmetics, Plastics, Coatings, Printing dyes and pigments business inks and Ceramics. Product ranges from natural mica dyes and pigments business to synthetic mica.
  • Narad Marketing Corporation - Manufacturer of acid, basic and direct dyes, dye dyes and pigments intermediates and chemicals for the petroleum, ink, plastics, dyes and pigments coating, and textile industries. Also toll product development dyes and pigments and manufacturing services.
  • Hunan jinhuan Pigments Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of encapsulated-series pigment, cadmium-series pigment, zirconium chemicals Seriles pigment chemicals and cobalt-series pigment applied in ceramics, chemicals enamel, glass, plastic, paints, chemicals printing ink etc.
  • Tianjin Shi Yueguo Chemical Co., Ltd. - Producer of organic dyes in China. Also manufactures chemicals several intermediate business chemicals.
  • Retort Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of solvent dyes (oil soluble dyes) in business powder and dyes and pigments liquid form.
  • Anar Chemical Industries - Manufacturer of specialty chemicals, dyes and pigments. ISO chemicals 9001 and business ISO 14001 certified.
  • Dyestuffs Manufacturers' Association of India - Promotes and protects trade, commerce and industries connected with dyestuffs and encourages unity within the industry.
  • Jagson Colorchem Ltd. - Makers of reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes business and dyes chemicals intermediates.
  • Hangzhou Xiasa Hengsheng (Sunshine) Chemical Co., Ltd. - Develops and manufactures acid dyestuffs and intermediates. Located business in China.
  • Jainik - Manufacturer and exporter of dyes intermediates, chemicals, sodium salt, and business sulphonic acid.
  • United Chemie - Manufactures liquid direct salt free dyes for pulp business and paper chemicals industry.
  • City Cat Overseas Chemicals Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, acid dyes, chemicals basic dyes, chemicals direct dyes, organic pigments, fluorescent pigments, chemicals textiles auxiliaries, dye intermediates, chemicals optical whitening agents, and chemicals food colours.
  • Lever Colors Corporation - Manufacturer of custom color solutions, aqueous pigment dispersions, dyes and pigments dyes and pigments liquid dye concentrates, paints, and inks for the dyes and pigments dyes and pigments paper and various other industries who have needs dyes and pigments dyes and pigments for custom color solutions.
  • Jinhua Best Industrial Chemicals Dyes Co., Ltd. - Producer of optical brighteners and plasticizing agents in chemicals China. Company chemicals profile and product overview.
  • American Dye Source, Inc. - Manufacture of high quality NIR dyes, Laser Dyes, OLED, PLED, conjugated polymers, and conductive polymers.

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