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USA - Distributors and fabricators of foam materials including polyurethane, polyethylene, rubber and specialty foams. Skiving, die-cutting, laminating and custom profiles.

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  • RGH Rubber & Plastics Ltd - UK - Converters and fabricators of double and single sided distributors and fabricators foam, adhesive tape, felt, magnetic sheet, rubber, cork and anti distributors and fabricators slip products. Sheet, roll and die-cut components.
  • 3H Foam Pty Ltd - Australia - Distributes closed cell foam to construction, polymers marine, automotive distributors and fabricators and health and safety industries. Design polymers and manufacture services.
  • Federal Foam Technologies Inc - USA – Fabricator and processor of various cellular foam foam and plastic materials. Die cutting, dielectric sealing, foam acoustical testing, forming and molding, laminating and water foam jet cutting amongst capabilities. Design and development of foam fabricated items fo
  • PJ Bowers Pty Ltd - Australia – Distributor and fabricator of closed cell polymers foam including foam polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate and polystyrene. polymers Insulation, pipe lagging, products foam for marine and boating polymers applications and cnc cutting services.
  • Foam Factory Inc - USA – Distributors of a wide range of open and closed cell foam materials. Mattresses, seat cushions, acoustic and packaging foams and a range of home décor products and speciality items. Links to other company websites and online ordering.
  • Foam to Size Inc - USA – Distributors of foam and upholstery supplies. polymers Material cut polymers to size for mattress and bedding, polymers health care, packaging and polymers marine uses. Polyurethane in polymers a variety of grades and densities polymers including fire polymers retardant, convoluted and memory foam products.
  • Foam Engineers Ltd - UK – Technical foam converter with a large foam range of polymers foam materials for areas including medical, foam automotive, marine, packaging, seals polymers and gaskets. Capabilities foam include die-cutting, thermoforming, laminating, contour cutting polymers and adhesive foam application.
  • Rempac Foam Corp - USA - Designers, fabricators and converters of foam distributors and fabricators products for the houseware, consumer, medical and packaging distributors and fabricators industries.
  • Foam Design Inc - USA - Custom foam packaging solutions with materials distributors and fabricators distributors and fabricators including polyethylene, polyurethane and polypropylene foam. Military grade distributors and fabricators distributors and fabricators materials. Custom fabrication using routing, thermo-forming, water jet distributors and fabricators distributors and fabricators and wire cutting techniques.
  • Sunshine Foam Company - USA - Distributor of polyurethane and latex foam offering standard distributors and fabricators or custom cut sizes. Also vinyl, fabric, upholstery supplies and distributors and fabricators drapery.
  • AM Foam Products Inc - USA - Distributors and fabricators of foam materials polymers including polyurethane, polyethylene, rubber and specialty foams. Skiving, polymers die-cutting, laminating and custom profiles.
  • Foam Products Corporation - USA – Distributor and fabricator of commercial and industrial insulation foam and packaging. Expanded and extruded polystyrene, polyethylene, polyurethane and other foam materials for the packaging, manufacturing, construction and design industries. Capabilities
  • Bestway Foam Inc - USA - Polyurethane foam distributor. Replacement cushions for distributors and fabricators foam upholstery, vehicles and boats. Standard or custom shapes distributors and fabricators foam in a range of foam grades.
  • Simply Foam Products Ltd - UK - eFoam - Converters and fabricators of polymers polyurethane, polyethylene distributors and fabricators and specialty foam. Memory foam mattresses polymers and pillows. Custom cutting distributors and fabricators and on-line ordering.
  • Foam Techniques Ltd - UK - Fabrication and conversion of cellular based polymers foam. Acoustic foam and thermal insulation, air and water polymers filters, presentation packaging, seals foam and gaskets and others. polymers Capabilities include splitting, cutting, adhesive application, foam thermoforming, convoluting
  • Metro Closed Cell Foam - Australia - Polyethylene and EVA foam including Ethafoam. foam Trade suppliers and fabricators.
  • Upholstery Decor Inc - USA - FoamOnline.Com, distributors of foam including polyurethane, latex, rebond, foam convoluted, memory foam, reticulated and closed cell foam. Foam cut foam and shaped to order, also pillows and upholstery supplies. Direct foam distribution with online ordering.
  • Heubach Corporation - USA – Foam converter and fabricator including polyethylene polymers and polyurethane. polymers Capabilities include cnc routing and cutting, polymers water jet and die polymers cutting. Fabricating sheets, strips, polymers gaskets, packaging, case inserts and display polymers and presentation polymers items. Produc
  • Zouch Converters Ltd - UK - Foam and rubber component fabricator for distributors and fabricators automotive, glazing, construction and packaging markets. Products for distributors and fabricators noise-reduction, cushioning, sealing and mounting applications.
  • Foamsearch.com - USA - Foam distributor focusing on specialty and foam hard to source foam and foam products. Overview foam of applications and types of foam.
  • Victory Foam Inc - USA - Fabricators of foam, corrugated and plastic packaging solutions foam custom built for industrial products and tools.
  • Intelligent Foam - USA - Custom cutting and fabrication of a variety of polymers foam materials for mattresses, soundproofing, packaging, boats and RVs, replacement polymers cushions and special projects.
  • Lundell Manufacturing - USA – Fabricator of foam and flexible materials for original distributors and fabricators equipment manufacturers. Custom parts for gasketing, sealing, insulation and acoustical distributors and fabricators applications. Diverse fabrication machinery and technologies.
  • Cioni Materie Plastiche Espanse - Italy – Converters and fabricators of plastic and polymers rubber cellular foam foam materials and resins including polyethylene, polymers ethylene vinyl acetate, polyurethane, foam basotect and epdm-cr.

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