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Germany - Polyolefin based foam including polyethylene and polypropylene in rolls, sheets and blocks. Products for the automotive, construction, insulation, sport, leisure, general conversion and packaging industries.

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  • Thermoplastic Foam Industries Pty Ltd - Australia - Chemically cross linked polyethylene and ethylene polymers vinyl acetate polyolefins and copolymers foam. Microlen brand name. Foam for polymers buoyancy, construction, automotive, health polyolefins and copolymers care, sports and leisure polymers and other uses.
  • Classic Enterprises - India - Ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene foam for the footwear industry. Moulded shoe insoles, shoe inserts and foam lamination services.
  • Prowang Plastic Co Ltd - Taiwan - Recycled ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene pellets and polymers granules. Also pvc foam sheet and composite panels.
  • Florex Insulation Co Ltd - Taiwan – Polyethylene pipe insulation and cradle systems, foam foam sheets polyolefins and copolymers and foam insulation tape. Also fabricated foam polyethylene items including step polyolefins and copolymers ramps, seat pads and foam consumer products.
  • Ultralon Products (NZ) Ltd - New Zealand - Polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate foam closed cell foam foam. Exports blocks and sheets and foam fabricated goods globally.
  • Zotefoams plc - UK – Range includes polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate and polypropylene. Less common foam including polyvinylidene fluoride, polyamide and speciality silicone elastomers. Plastazote and Evazote amongst brands.
  • Brock International - Polypropylene foam using a bead expansion process. Designed polyolefins and copolymers for use under synthetic turf on athletic fields polyolefins and copolymers and as a base material for ceramic or polyolefins and copolymers stone floors. The foam is also used by polyolefins and copolymers the military and sportsmen for protective body padding.
  • Trocellen GmbH - Germany - Polyolefin based foam including polyethylene and polyolefins and copolymers foam polypropylene in rolls, sheets and blocks. Products for polyolefins and copolymers foam the automotive, construction, insulation, sport, leisure, general conversion polyolefins and copolymers foam and packaging industries.
  • Eva Foam Industry Co Ltd - Taiwan – Ethylene vinyl acetate foam in sheets and blocks. polyolefins and copolymers Fabricated items including floor mats and exercise equipment for health polyolefins and copolymers and fitness, sporting, educational and protective applications.
  • Auxiplast - Ortoplast - Spain – Polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate technical polymers foam for foam the orthotic industry. Ortofoam and Shockicell polymers amongst brands. Also polypropylene foam and polyethylene solid plastics polymers for orthotics.
  • Sekisui Alveo AG - Switzerland – Cross-linked polyolefin foam in continuous rolls foam and blocks. foam Alveo-Soft is a trade name for foam an open cell, soft foam polyolefin foam. Products for foam adhesive coating, automotive, construction, consumer goods, foam general converting foam and footwear.
  • Eva - Glory Industrial Co Ltd - Taiwan – Closed cell foam including ethylene vinyl foam acetate, polyethylene and other microcellular foam. Fabricated foam foam including shoe and orthopaedic items, mats for sports foam and fitness, equestrian and body armour and animal foam comfort products.
  • Nomaco Insulation - USA – Polyethylene foam insulation tubes, sheets and polymers rolls for polymers residential, commercial and industrial markets. Used polymers for insulating piping, tanks, polymers vessels and equipment. Nomalock polymers and Nomaply amongst brands.
  • Kaneka Texas Corporation - USA – Molded polyethylene and polypropylene foam. Epran brand products used for impact and cushion protection. Energy absorbing parts for the automotive industry. Comparative and technical web pages. Subsidiary of the Japanese Kaneka Corporation.
  • Overseas Konstellation Company SA - Spain – Polyolefin foam including cross linked and non cross foam linked polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene vinyl acetate, and rubber based foam. foam Product manufactured in sheets, blocks, rolls, tubes and rods. Foampack foam and Propilen amongst brands.
  • EVA Industries - South Africa - Ethylene vinyl acetate cross linked polymers foam primarily foam for manufacture of footwear and promotional polymers items.
  • Ruey Lung Rubber Co Ltd - Taiwan – Ethylene vinyl acetate sheets available in foam a variety polymers of color and density. Fabricated items foam including mats for sporting polymers and exercise, toys and foam puzzles and promotional items.

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