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USA - Flexible polyurethanes for the bedding, furniture, carpet and automotive markets. Technical foams division for industrial, consumer, medical, electronics and transportation industries.

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  • Fomo Products Inc - USA - Polyurethane foam in pressurized, disposable and foam refillable packaging. Spray foam insulation, sealants and spray foam adhesives. Pour in place insulation and products addressing foam fire, smoke and toxicity issues. Handi-Foam amongst brands.
  • Polytech Foam Products Inc - USA – Portable polyurethane spray foam. Single and two component polymers products as well as pour in place foam. Uses include polymers insulation, sound dampening, void filling and construction of theatre sets, polymers rocks and landscaping components. Tutorials and technical d
  • NCFI Polyurethanes - USA - Rigid and flexible polyurethanes. Two company polyurethane divisions with products for insulation, roofing, furniture, bedding, polyurethane carpet padding, marine, medical and aerospace industries.
  • Penn Foam Corporation - USA – Flexible polyurethane foam including ether and ester based polyurethane materials and fire retardant, antimicrobial and antistatic variants. Foam supplied polyurethane in buns, blocks, sheets and rolls. Fabricators of foam cushioning polyurethane products for furniture, bedding and pac
  • Foamex International Inc - USA - Flexible polyurethanes for the bedding, furniture, polymers carpet and polymers automotive markets. Technical foams division for polymers industrial, consumer, medical, electronics polymers and transportation industries.
  • Lead Since Industry Co Ltd - Taiwan – Rigid and flexible molded polyurethane. Fabricating polyurethane seating, saddles foam and pads for bicycles and fitness polyurethane equipment and polyurethane wheels foam and tires
  • Iranogharb Manufacturing Co - Iran - Manufacturer of polyurethane and rebond foam foam in blocks polyurethane and rolls. Processing, fabrication and lamination foam services. Also solid acrylic polyurethane sheet materials.
  • Sanifoam A.S. - Turkey - Impregnated polyurethane insulation, acoustic and filtration foams.
  • Birlik Sunger - Turkey - Polyurethane foam for the furniture and polymers bedding, textile and automotive sectors. Processing including cutting, polymers and peeling and fabrication of components and finished polymers goods.
  • Caligen Foam Ltd - UK – Polyurethane including polyester and polyether in polyurethane rectangular or round blocks. Processing including loop slitting polyurethane and peeling, composites and precision cut parts. Diaper polyurethane foam and products for the femcare, hygiene and polyurethane medical markets. Subsidiary of
  • Recticel SA - Belgium – Polyurethane foam in four business units; polyurethane flexible foams, bedding, insulation and automotive. Comfort, technical polyurethane and composite foam, finished mattresses and bedding products, polyurethane thermal insulation, molded passenger seating, interior trim and polyurethane othe
  • Cellular Mouldings Limited - UK – Rigid or flexible polyurethane and polyurethane elastomer products. Component molding, reaction injection molding and extruded and co-extruded products. Components for health and fitness equipment, medical and mobility items, glazing gaskets and se
  • Tuf Foam Pty Ltd - South Africa - Polyurethane foam manufacturer supplying blocks, sheets, rebonded foam, chip foam, foam mattresses, peeled foam and profile cuts to the furniture and bedding industries.
  • Polyurethane Foam Association PFA - USA – Association website providing information and literature foam about flexible polyurethane polyurethane foam. Describing the foam foam and its history, how polyurethane it is made and foam used as well as fire safety, polyurethane technical information foam and environmental safety issues.
  • Crest Foam Industries Inc - USA – Reticulated polyurethane foam. Used in air polyurethane filtration, ink polyurethane jet printers, ceramic filters, sound insulation/transmission, polyurethane fuel tanks and fish polyurethane tank filters. Subsidiary of polyurethane the Vita Group.
  • Eastern Foam Product Co Ltd - Thailand - Flexible polyurethane foam in various densities. polymers Flame retardant, foam anti-static and anti-uv variants for industry polymers specific uses. Process and foam fabrication of component pieces polymers and finished goods.
  • SprayFoam.com Inc - USA - Website focusing on sprayed polyurethane foam. foam Includes a foam directory of materials, equipment and application foam contractors as well as foam news and informational literature.

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