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Development, sales and marketing of epoxy and polymeric materials for such applications as adhesives, binders, encapsulants, coatings, sealants, plastics and composites.

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  • NOVA Chemicals - Multinational company producing polyethylene, styrenic polymers, monomers, and chemicals a variety chemicals of coproducts.
  • Sybra Polymers Ltd. - Manufacturer offering tailored polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene compounds. polymers Includes technical plastics details, PDF safety sheets and company polymers contacts in The Netherlands plastics and Cheshire, UK.
  • Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd - Manufacturers of anticorrosive products, epoxy floor coating, and insulating oil. Contracts, operates and supervises anticorrosive engineering.
  • Polymeright Inc. - Development, sales and marketing of epoxy and polymeric polymers materials for chemicals such applications as adhesives, binders, encapsulants, polymers coatings, sealants, plastics and chemicals composites.
  • Poly Hi Solidur - Manufacturer of power transmission components from engineered polymers chemicals including UHMW. Quality control modeled after the ISO chemicals 9001 standard.
  • DualGlo, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers of patended luminous masterbatch technologies for the plastic plastics products industry.
  • Metabolix - Working to create a new generation of highly plastics versatile, sustainable, polymers environmentally-friendly plastics and chemicals.
  • Innovative Polymers, Inc. - Offering a range of industrial polyurethane, IPI\\'s chemicals polyurethane systems, chemicals and silicone mold-making compound.
  • Ryan Herco Products Corporation - Plastic hardware, tubing, screws and other non-conductive parts.
  • Accurate Plastics, Inc. - Thermosetting plastics in tube, rod and sheet.
  • Otto Bock Plastics - Manufacturer of slab stock foam and foam systems chemicals with applications polymers in sports and leisure, furniture, automotive chemicals and healthcare industries.
  • Yazd Polyester Co - Iran. Manufacturers of fiber grade bright and semi-dull plastics polyester chips. Technical specifications and chemical structure. English plastics and Iranian.
  • Natureworks, LLC - Manufactures of polymers that are derived from renewable plastics materials for packaging and servicewear.
  • Keltrol Enterprises, Inc. - Development and manufacture of Tuflar ultra high molecular weight polymers. plastics Rods, tubing, bars, sheets, profiles and rails.
  • Gendon Polymer Services Inc. - Manufacturer of specialized dispersions and compounds for the polymer industry, plastics including non-halogen flame-retardant compounds for wire and cable applications, and plastics specialty elastomers. Located in Canada.
  • Marinard Ltée - Manufacture chitosan a natural, biodegradable polymer fiber obtained chemicals through the deacetylation of chitin.
  • A. Schulman, Inc. - Manufactures and sells plastic resins and plastic compounds, chemicals including engineered plastics flame retardant compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and chemicals nylon compounds.
  • Arkema Group - France. Group of manufacturing companies, active in vinyl products, industrial polymers chemicals and performance products. Technical information and material data safety polymers sheets. List of trade shows.
  • Aptech Services LLC - Rare earth, silica gel, and diagnostic plastics supplier plastics for industrial use.
  • Proveedora Mexicana , S.A. de C.V. - Producers of engineered plastic monofilaments used in tooth polymers brushes, cosmetic polymers brushes, and industrial brushes.
  • LyondellBasell Industries - The Netherlands. Multi-national manufacturers of polyolefin (polypropylene and plastics polyethylene) materials chemicals for a wide range of industrial plastics applications. Information about production chemicals technology and processing of plastics polyolefin.
  • Pentabatch SA - Spain. Manufacturers of virgin and recycled masterbatch for plastics the production of polyester fibers. Multi-lingual site.
  • Kaneka Texas Corp - USA. Manufacturers of impact modifiers for the plastics industry. Also, chemicals expanded polyolefins and polyimide films. Detailed product catalogs, including technical chemicals information, specifications and application guides. Part of the Kaneka Corp.
  • SunKoo Chemical LTD - Supplier of Sunlube, a synthesized wax from stearic polymers acid which polymers is commercially applied for lubrication, pigmentation polymers and plasticizer of plastics polymers such as ABS, PS, polymers PVC and Phenol resin. Web board, polymers guest book, polymers and contact email information.

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