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Offers a variety of production processes and materials, rapid turnaround and turn-key manufacturing capabilities in fiberglass, carbon fiber or urethane.

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  • Advanced Forming Technology - Injection molding of semi-solid complex, shapes and high polymers density components polymers with adjustable thermal expansion.
  • Technol Ltd. - Manufactures anticorrosion equipment in glass reinforced plastics (GRP), thermoplastics (PP, processing methods PE, PVC, PVDF) and combinations.
  • Premix, - Manufacturer of thermoset composite technology, molding compounds and polymers custom molded parts.
  • Safeguard Technology, Inc. - Manufactures pultruded fiber reinforced polymer composite safety covers processing methods and processing methods slip prevention products for industrial and processing methods general pedestrian processing methods applications.
  • Formcrete Fiberglass Products - Specializing in conversion of metal components to fiberglass polymers reinforced plastic. Primary products are custom contract molding polymers and precast forms.
  • Moores of Stalham (UK) Ltd - Manufactures plastic reinforced composite starch trays for chewing processing methods gum manufacture, pharmaceuticals and special applications. Member of processing methods the WWF 95+ Group.
  • Fibernetics Molded Products LLC - Offers a variety of production processes and materials, rapid turnaround processing methods and turn-key manufacturing capabilities in fiberglass, carbon fiber processing methods or urethane.
  • Composite Products, Inc - Provides direct in-line compounding and compression molding of processing methods long processing methods fiber thermoplastic composite products. Provides liscensing of processing methods technology.
  • Tecton Products - Manufacturer of custom reinforced fiberglass composite pultrusions for replacement windows, doors and a range of construction applications.
  • Secar Technologie Gmbh - Producing carbon fiber and fiberglass plastic re-enforced plastic processing methods composite composite plastic pultruded profiles with elevated physical requirements.
  • Pultron Composites Ltd - Manufacturer of fibreglass reinforced pultruded plastic products including rockbolts, optic composite plastic fibre, fencing, rebars, ladder rails, and a range of profiles.
  • American Grating - Manufacturer of molded and pultruded reinforced grating of composite plastic fiberglass processing methods and phenolic also makes stairtreads and handrails.
  • Highline Products - Manufactures custom fiberglass products for electrical utilities, in polymers fiberglass, plastic, polymers and polymer concrete including boxpads, splice polymers boxes, and crossarms.
  • Armstrong Mold - Molding custom composite components, foamed or solid, rigid composite plastic or composite plastic elastomeric, with fiber reinforcements, such as glass, composite plastic by adding composite plastic reinforcement in the mold
  • ATP Pultrusion Technologies - Produces composites of thermoset resins reinforced with glass, composite plastic carbon processing methods and Kevlar fibres for applications in energy composite plastic transmission, telecommunications processing methods and construction.
  • Vello AS - Manufacturers of pultruded fiber glass and carbon fiber composites, including polymers high performance window and door systems and customer specified profiles.
  • Soucy Plastiques inc. - Specializing in compression moulding of fiber reinforced ultra composite plastic high polymers molecular weight polyethylene to manufacture high performance composite plastic plastic components.
  • Amalga Composities, Inc. - Manufacturing of filament wound composite components built to specification, such polymers as food grade tubing, pressure vessels, launch tubes and other polymers engineered products.
  • Rimnetics Inc. - Custom reaction injection molding of composite parts for composite plastic science, polymers medical, and high-tech industrial applications.
  • Vedovell - Compression, injection or transfer molding, custom molded parts polymers specializing in polymers epoxy fiberglass composite seals, packing and polymers gaskets.
  • Morco Plastic Fabricators Inc. - Manufacturers of fiber reinforced laminated phenolics, plastic fabricated composite plastic parts, composite plastic insulating parts, gaskets, and specialties.
  • ASC Incorporated - Uses advanced composite production technology and in-process quality composite plastic verification specifically designed for sunroof systems.
  • Sioux Manufacturing Corporation - Engineering and manufacturing for advanced composites, autoclave bonded structures, compression molded shapes, armor protective panels and other molded composites.
  • Advanced Fibermolding Inc. - Manufactures robotic waterjet cutter for custom fiberglass composite composite plastic cutting and molding.
  • Fibreforce Composites Ltd - Manufacturer of custom pultruded profiles of reinforced plastic processing methods composites composite plastic for industrial, construction, transportation, chemical, electrical and processing methods gas industries.
  • Imhotep Ltd - Produces a unidirectionally continuously reinforced thermoplastic composite profile with the processing methods outward appearance of an extrusion.
  • Advanced Chemical Technologies - Plastic fabrication, lift stations, pumping stations, plastic tanks, plastic containment pans, fiberglass grating, pump baseplates and handrails, and flexible hoses.
  • Polyglass Snc - Custom design and manufacture of reinforced plastic and composite products for marine, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. Mold design and making services. English and Italian.
  • Glasforms, Inc. - Pultruder of fiber reinforced plastics and filament wound processing methods composites. processing methods Producer of standard and custom rod, processing methods bar, tube, processing methods oval and profile shapes. 
  • Composite Technologies Inc. - Compresion molder plastic components for automotive products, signage, point-of-purchase displays, and many industrial and consumer applications.
  • Shakespeare Composites - Manufacturing fiberglass reinforced composite antennas for marine applications.
  • Fluoro Composites - Specialized in moulded parts of fluoropolymer impregnated fiberglass, composite plastic kevlar, composite plastic carbon fiber or stratified fiberglass and fluoropolymer composite plastic with copper composite plastic foil.
  • Resinoid - Custom molder of compression, transfer, and insert composite parts. Capabilities include machining, metal insertion, drilling, grinding, forming and staking.
  • Geotek, Inc. - Designing and manufacturing composite pultruded products processing methods including composite plastic animal fencing, retaining wall pins, utility products processing methods and tension composite plastic bars.
  • Nantong Mingcom Composite Materials Co., Ltd. - China-based custom molder of fiberglass gratings grids, flooring, covers, stairway polymers treads, fence, walkway and platform and other products.
  • Vertex Plastics, Inc. - Manufacturer of molded fiberglass equipment buildings for microwave composite plastic communications equipment, aircraft landing systems, and the like.
  • Architectural Fiberglass Corp - Fiberglass composit products for complete cornice systems composite plastic and polymers for use in landmarks preservation.
  • Peterson Products - Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced composites, specializing in custom molded products, polymers from design through patterns and tooling, to production and finishing.
  • Teel Plastics, Inc. - Specializes in the custom manufacture of close tolerance composite plastic products, including plastic tubing and pultrusion.
  • Creative Pultrusions, Inc. - Manufacturers of pultruded products for automotive applications including door panels, outer sections, vertical corners, sideposts and other structural parts.
  • Röchling Haren - Offers custom pultruded finished and machined parts of polymers glass fibre reinforced plastic for chemicals processing equipment polymers and transportation systems.

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