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Custom fabrication and finishing of acrylic plastics for a range of clients and applications, including: architectural products, exhibit displays for museums and galleries. 

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  • Talbot Designs Ltd. - Acrylic and plastic fabricators. Acrylic sheet capacity and CNC polymers facilities to machine and drill to high tolerances.
  • Carville Plastics Specialist Ltd. - UK: Machining, forming and fabricating of a range polymers of plastic materials for medical, scientific, optical, defence polymers and industrial applications.
  • Just Plastics, Inc. - Custom fabrication and finishing of acrylic plastics for a range polymers of clients and applications, including: architectural products, exhibit displays for museums polymers and galleries. 
  • Prolite Plastics Ltd. - Thermoplastic fabricator of dual laminates. Offer custom fabrication polymers facilities for polymers corrosion resistant process equipment , design polymers and fabrication of frp polymers and dual laminate piping, polymers tanks, scrubbers and hoods.
  • Plastic Design, Inc. - Custom plastic fabrications and components, ducts, hoods, cabinets, and plastic fabrication and assembly tanks. Plastic forming machining and welding services.
  • Adisco, Inc. - Specializes in CNC machining of a variety of thermoplastics fabrication and assembly for the aerospace, electronoic, medical and commercial industries.
  • Southtech Plastics, Inc. - Custom design and manufacture of thermo-formable, decorative plastic processing methods sheet fabrication and assembly products for marine, automotive aftermarket and point processing methods of purchase fabrication and assembly applications.
  • Custom Acrylic Fabrication Corp. - Custom fabrication of acrylic products including point of purchase display polymers boxes, brochure holders, picture frames light and ceiling panels.
  • Piedmont Plastics - A gateway to purchasing sheet, rod, tube, components, processing methods films, and plastic fabrication.
  • Laminated Materials Corporation - Industrial plastics fabricator and distributor serves the power fabrication and assembly generation, industrial machinery, military and telecommunications industries.
  • Alternative Plastics - Custom machining and fabrication of plastic gears, washers, fabrication and assembly polymers rollers, strips, pulleys, bushes, spacers, tanks and covers. fabrication and assembly polymers Also, suppliers of a range of cut to fabrication and assembly polymers size engineering plastics.
  • Romarc Corporation - Custom fabricator of plastic products and components, including product development from concept through material selection, testing, prototypes, and production.
  • Spectra Plastics - Fabricates products which include point of sale display polymers units, exhibition fabrication and assembly stands, magazine holders. Designs in acrylic polymers and Perspex.
  • PlexiCraft Inc. - Specializes in the fabrication of items made of fabrication and assembly fabrication and assembly Plexiglas and other materials related to the plastics fabrication and assembly fabrication and assembly field.
  • Applied Plastics Technology, Inc. - Processing, fabrication, of PTFE, parts. All tooling is CAD designed, processing methods manufactured, and maintained in-house by skilled toolmakers. Bristol, RI.
  • Panelgraphic Corp - Provides custom coating , fabrication and printing of processing methods display polymers windows and lenses. Offers a range processing methods of transparent polymers colored polycarbonates and acrylics for display processing methods lenses.
  • HP Manufacturing Inc - Specializes in custom fabrication, has machine shop, polymers processing methods and a large inventory of all polymers types of plastic sheet, processing methods rod, tube and film.
  • Plasprodev Plastics - Designs and fabricate a range of displays, stands processing methods and fixtures from clear acrylic sheet to specifications. processing methods Short runs or long runs.
  • Phillips Plating Corporation Online - Custom commercial electroplating of industrial plastic and metal polymers parts and components.
  • Allstate Plastics - Fabricated parts in various engineered plastics such as Teflon, Nylon, Delrin, and Teflon rod, tube, and basic shapes.
  • Sterling Creations, Inc. - Custom plastics fabrication, displays, literature holders, scientific, lab, fabrication and assembly fabrication and assembly research and development instruments.
  • Norva Plastics, Inc - Plastics fabrication and distribution of sheets, rods, extrusions fabrication and assembly and fasteners. Prototyping and long run production.
  • JBC Plastic Fabricators LLC - Plastic forming and fabrication of plastic sheet, rod, processing methods tube, slab, or castings from engineering processing methods drawings, rough sketches, or verbal representations.
  • Prince Rubber and Plastics Co., Inc. - Manufactures and fabricates rubber and plastic products for fabrication and assembly the heavy chemical, pulp and paper and OEM fabrication and assembly markets.
  • Plastic Distributors and Fabricators - ISO 9002 certified in plastics fabrication, can mill, processing methods turn, saw, drill, die cut, weld, engrave, silk processing methods screen, polish, and assemble components to specifications.
  • Architectural Plastics Inc. - Custom designer and fabricator of plastic parts, products, and displays polymers for manufacturers and end-users.
  • E & D Plastics, Inc. - Custom fabrication of plastics of artistic and industrial components, showcases, processing methods picture frames, sign holders, dental and orthodontic supplies.
  • Jiuh Mei Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Fabricates acrylic board, anti-stroke board, fog board, bath processing methods board, polymers soundproof board, optical board.
  • America Epoxy & Metal - Cnc routing, laser cutting, and secondary operations of thermoset fabrication and assembly plastic shapes for electronic, scientific and mechanical applications.
  • Rubber, Inc. - Fabricators of sponge rubber, garage exhaust hose, floor processing methods mats fabrication and assembly and matting, flexible hose and ducting, sheet processing methods rubber, and fabrication and assembly specialty rubber products.
  • Northern Acrylics - Manufacturer of stock and custom acrylic products. Cut polymers to size processing methods materials and custom fabrication.
  • Clear Cut Plastics Incorporated - Acrylic sheeting and other plastics fabricated and cut-to-size. polymers Boat windows, hatch covers, acrylic displays.
  • Plastic Supply - Contract manufacturing, machining and fabrication of products and polymers components for fabrication and assembly commercial and industrial applications.
  • New Wave Acrylics - Fabrication of acrylic, polycarbonat, PVC, PET-G, ABS and polymers HDPE. Complete polymers fabrication facility
  • Western Plastics - Plastic fabricating company specializing in design, printing and processing for the display, graphic arts and sign industries.
  • Ameriwest Technology Inc - Custom acrylic fabricator of diffusers and lenses for the lighting polymers industry, also make furniture, sculptures, cases and fixtures.
  • Dielectric Corp - Prototypes, production runs, CNC machining, fabrication and processing methods assembly processing methods of themoset and thermoplastic sheet, rod, tube, processing methods and film. processing methods ESD Data Directory, 2001 Data processing methods Resource Directory, and processing methods Plastics Database Selector available.
  • Applied Rapid Technologies - Produces stereolithography masters, vacuum cast molds, and urethane polymers castings.
  • Cope Plastics - A distributor and fabricator of industrial plastics providing sheet, rod, tube and finished plastic parts.
  • California Quality Plastics - Custom fabrication, thermoforming, shipping cases, carrying cases, retail fabrication and assembly processing methods merchandisers, convenience store dispensers, aquaria.
  • American Acrylics - Lasers cutting, fabricating, and printing a range of plastic materials. processing methods Distribute sheet, rod, tube and accessories.

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