Thermoforming Forming Processing Methods Polymers

Custom vacuum forming of plastic parts for the automotive, tools and electrical appliances industries. Also, foil printing, welding and assembly services.

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  • Cornelius Vacuum Forming - International vacuum former of plastic parts for a processing methods wide processing methods range of industries.
  • Lormac Plastics - Thermoforming with equipment for nearly any size up to 4 forming foot by 8 foot blanks of up to 1/2 inch forming thick materials. Provides secondary finishing operations.
  • Hampel Corp. - Performing medium to heavy gauge industrial Vacuum forming, thermoforming pressure form or twin sheet, to specifications. Mold making capability.
  • Universal Plastifab, Inc. - Vacuum forming and fabrication of a range of different plastic materials and providing related services.
  • Gregstrom Corporation - Vacuum forming and pressure forming custom parts for the medical, and waste and water industries.
  • Kintz Plastics Inc. - Thermoforming plastic parts for the biomedical, computer, transportation industries, among others. Provides tool design and value-added secondary operations.
  • Conrad Manufacturing - Plastics manufacturer making custom parts by pressure forming processing methods and forming vacuum forming offering finishing and design services.
  • ESP Plastics, Ltd - Custom vacuum forming of plastic parts for the forming automotive, tools and electrical appliances industries. Also, foil forming printing, welding and assembly services.
  • Erwin Cole Enterprises - Thermoforming company providing custom plastic products for the marine industry. processing methods Products include, shipping containers, dunnage trays and other.
  • Kador Ltd - Vacuum forming and thermoforming from skin packaging forming to large mouldings in heavy duty plastics. Thermoforming forming films is a professional specialty.
  • Profile Plastics Corp - Thermoforming, pressure forming, twin-sheet and vacuum forming of forming parts in thermoforming short runs.
  • Vantage Associates - Specializing in vacuum sheet forming of high performance processing methods composites forming and thermoplastics for military, aerospace and commercial processing methods applications.
  • Medallion Plastics, Inc. - Plastic thermoformer offering, custom part and mold making, processing methods 18 thermoforming production lines, in-house mold shop, and five processing methods axis CNC thermoforming trimming.
  • Western Wisconsin Plastic Corp - Custom vacuum former with dedicated capabilities to the lighting industry, producing and stocking decorative acrylic lenses.
  • Spencer Industries - Manufacturing of custom plastic components through the vacuum thermoforming and pressure thermoforming forming processes utilizing both rotary and thermoforming in-line machines.
  • Asheville Thermoform Plastics - Provides custom plastic thermoforming from start to finish. Experience in thermoforming manufacturing, CAD engineering and graphic design.
  • Ampco Mouldings Ltd - UK company, specialising in high impact polystyrene (HPS), forming acrylonitrile butadiene forming styrene (ABS), exterior grade ultra-violet stable forming and fire retardant thermoplastics, forming offering industrial mouldings, design forming and development services, and tooling and forming jig man
  • Creative Forming, Inc. - Custom thermoformed plastic products for the food, electrical component, and forming consumer goods industries.
  • Tripp Plastics - Custom thermoforming offering fabrication, machining, engraving, design, and engineering services.
  • Holloway PLastics Ltd - Vacuumformer of customized plastic products for industrial customers and point-of-sale display items.
  • East Iowa Plastics - Thermoformed poultry feeder trays, egg flats, agricultural ventilation doors, home processing methods products, exterior shutters and window awnings.
  • Plastech Inc. - Vacuum former producing automotive trim, interior components, food forming containers and processing methods signs for gas stations and convenience forming stores.
  • Grimm Brothers Plastics, Corp. - Vacuum forming and thermoforming finished plastic components for use in industrial and commercial applications.
  • Odyssey Plastics - Engineered plastic solutions for small or large businesses. Specialist pressure processing methods and vacuum thermoforming.
  • Desco Plastics Inc. - Vacuum forming and pressure forming plastic parts, prototype and production runs, fabrication, mold making.
  • Industrial Thermoform - Custom thermoforming and pressure forming. Typical materials are ABS, polycarbonate, forming Royalite, Kydex, Acrylic,and PETG.
  • Waveform Plastics Technologies - Full-service thermoformer, offering in-house CAD design, mold and prototype fabrication, and production and assembly services to a wide range of industries.

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