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Design and manufacture of precision mold prototypes for plastic gearing systems. Also, systems analysis and quality control, and consulting services.

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  • Dudley Associates Ltd - Offer specialist prototype and pre-production tooling services. Contact information.
  • Bussard Design GmbH - Design, development and prototyping of vehicle components, especially services for the services aerospace industry. [Needs Flash.] [D-85055 Ingolstadt]
  • Protosystech - Prototypes produced by casting epoxy, polyurethane, into rtv design and prototyping silicon molds. CT MRI scan data is converted design and prototyping to 3D models.
  • Prime Alliance Inc. - Technical design and market development firm specializing in polymers the plastics, polymers thermoplastic elastomers and composites industries.
  • Plastiques Gyf Ltd - Specializing in prototyping and research and development. Also, polymers custom formulated design and prototyping resins, and design services.
  • Performance Gear Systems, Inc - Design and manufacture of precision mold prototypes for services plastic gearing polymers systems. Also, systems analysis and quality services control, and consulting services.
  • Morgan Industries, Inc. - Short-run and prototype plastic injection molding using a variety of services machines and options adopted to suit your needs.
  • Springer Designs - Mold and product design information, also provides mold design and prototyping services splits of the insert details and surface files design and prototyping services for CNC programming.
  • Techstar Molding. - Consulting, product development, mold design, prototyping, mold construction services services. Also, design and prototyping injection molding, assembly, packaging, warehousing and services shipping services.

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