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Manufactures mould components, such as steel die sets, rolling guides, ejector pins, for plastic-filling dies, and various non-standard die guide parts.

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  • Telford Smith Engineering Pty., Ltd - Design and manufacture of replacement screws for plastic extrusion and molding processes. Also, reconditioning of existing screws and barrels. Categorised product directory. Plastics glossary.
  • Schuster Parts - Manufactures parts for Husky plastic injection molding machines.
  • Bolder Automation GmbH - Manufactures control and blend feeders for plastic process polymers equipment. Components for process control systems and PLC polymers interfaces.
  • Kunshan Precision Mould - Manufactures mould components, such as steel die sets, rolling guides, polymers ejector pins, for plastic-filling dies, and various non-standard die guide polymers parts.
  • Advanced Technologies Inc. - Manufacture and rebuild feedscrews and barrels for twin polymers and single components and spares screw extruders and injection molders.
  • Acetronic Industrial Controls - Canada: manufacture, distribution, and repair of process control tools and equipment devices and related equipment, primarily for the plastics tools and equipment industry. Products include heaters and temperature and tools and equipment voltage controllers.
  • Flite Technology Inc. - Manufactures and rebuilds screws and barrels for plastic tools and equipment tools and equipment extruders and molding machines.
  • C.D.S., Inc. - Manufactures cryogenic deflashing and deburring equipment for the rubber and components and spares plastic industries. Also provides cryogenic deflashing and deburring services, cryogenic components and spares deflashing media and custom built equipment.
  • Kinheim Technical Machinery - Supply spare parts for mills, mixers, and extruders for plastic powder coating. Also offer rebuilding of machines and screws.
  • National Plastic Heater - Thermocouples, industrial heaters, temperature controls and accessories for plastic tools and equipment and other machinery.
  • Jinguan Screw Co., Ltd. - Produces screws and cylinders for injection machines and polymers extruders.
  • Enka Tecnica Filtration Sarl - Lebanon. Design, development and manufacture of high-performance polymer melt filters. polymers Technical specifications. Description of technology. Part of the Heberlein Group.
  • Advanced Feedscrews, Inc. - Manufacture and rebuild feedscrews and barrels for plastic components and spares tools and equipment and rubber extrusion and injection.
  • C+T Engineering - Provides engineering, prototyping and routers, saws, jigs, fixtures, tools and equipment polymers brackets, and profiles to plastic industry.
  • More Components, Ltd - Manufacture and refurbishing of barrels, screws, endcaps and tip assemblies tools and equipment for feedthroat, extrusion and injection molding machines.
  • Extrusion Solutions LLC - Manufacturer of weir plate for assistance in start tools and equipment up size and shape control. Variable-diameter iris and tools and equipment teflon sizing inserts.
  • Shree Ganesh Engineers - Manufacturers of spare parts and molds for plastic tools and equipment components and spares processing machinery. Also, reprocessing of parts, and machine tools and equipment components and spares maintenance services.
  • Underwater Pelletizing Knives Corp. - Manufacturer of custom knives for underwater plastics and rubber pelletizing components and spares technology.
  • AutoScreen - Manufactures a range of continuous screen changers for components and spares polymers melt filtration in the extrusion process for film, components and spares polymers tubing, tapes, rope and blow-mouldings with uninterrupted extrusion.
  • Plastic Services and Equipment - Manufacturer of barrels and screws for the plastic polymers and rubber components and spares molding industry. Also distribute molding accessories.

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