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Polymer test equipment for quality control. Turnkey systems for raw material evaluation, test sample preparation and sample and component testing.

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  • Goettfert Inc. - Manufactures reological testing equipment for plastic and rubber polymers including, melt indexers plastometers on-line rheometer with extrusiometers and accessories.
  • IIoSys - Individual optical Systems for Identifying Plastics, Textiles and laboratory and testing equipment Carpets
  • ONEhalf20 Inc. - Distributor of pressure and temperature measurement and display products for tools and equipment the polymer and chemical processing industries; includes transducers, transmitters, sensors tools and equipment and gauges for extrusion melt pressure applications.
  • Mastrad Testing Systems Ltd - Manufacturer of quality control and test systems and for plastics, laboratory and testing equipment petroleum, concrete, and ceramics laboratories and for on-site laboratory and testing equipment use.
  • Shangrila Technologies - Custom made testing equipment: thermal, carbon analyser, melt laboratory and testing polymers equipment flow indexer, and complete testing kit plastic products.
  • Dynisco Instruments - Pressure and temperature measurement and control products for the plastics tools and equipment industry, transducers and transmitters and the sensing technologies.
  • Lab Korea - Korean plastic and rubber laboratory testing and industrial polymers equipment laboratory and testing equipment for raw materials and chemicals.
  • Applied Precision Technology, Inc. - Manufactures automatic test equipment for the plastic manufacturing polymers industry.
  • Abbeon Cal, Inc. - Supplier of tools and application information primarily to polymers the plastics industry. Also carry a vast selection polymers of precision meteorological and laboratory instruments
  • Pearson Panke Equipment Ltd - Measuring instrument for establishing the curing reaction of laboratory and testing laboratory and testing equipment equipment two-component reaction resin systems based on the determination laboratory and laboratory and testing equipment testing equipment electrical conductivity.
  • Helmco Laboratory Apparatus - Manufactures laboratory apparatus for testing petroleum products per ASTM laboratory and testing equipment designations, and various cylinders for testing low pressure laboratory and testing equipment petroleum products.
  • Ace Glass Incorporated. - Supplying constant temperature laboratory equipment: laboratory baths, water baths, polymers dry baths, bath circulating and immersion chillers.
  • Ray-Ran Technologies - Polymer test equipment for quality control. Turnkey systems polymers for raw laboratory and testing equipment material evaluation, test sample preparation and polymers sample and component testing.

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