Reaction Molding Machinery Tools and Equipment Polymers Chemicals

This category is specifically for companies making machinery and tooling for use in thermoset reaction molding applications. Machines, dispensors, mixers and molds for use with these specific machines would be placed here.

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  • Linden Industries - Manufacturers polyurethane foam, urethanes, RIM or RRIOM, metering equipment and tools and equipment machinery from bulk storage to blending.
  • CTM Equipment Limited - Manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane mixing equipment for reaction molding machinery tools and equipment foams and elastomers.
  • ADM-ISOBLOC GmbH - Manufacturers of machinery and equipment for thermosetting plastics. Machinery includes tools and equipment dosing, mixing, evacuation, casting and injection.
  • GUSBI spa - Plants for polyurethane specializing in machinery for show reaction molding machinery soles.

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