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Bulgaria. Design and manufacture of a range of granulating machines for size reduction of plastic waste material. Photos and technical specifications of available models.

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  • Advance Lifts - Manufacturers of compacters, balers, drum crushers and in-drum compactors and polymers other recycling equipment.
  • Vespa Co. - Bulgaria. Design and manufacture of a range polymers of granulating machines for size reduction of plastic polymers waste material. Photos and technical specifications of available polymers models.
  • Kung Sheng Machine Company Ltd - Manufactures recycling equipment, specializing in wire and cable reclamation including plastic jackets.
  • Demaplast Inc - Manufactures grinders designed for size reduction of plastic tools and equipment containers such as PET bottles and jars for tools and equipment recycling.
  • Prodeva Inc. - Prodeva manufactures recycling equipment for MRF and recycling centers. Complete recycling plants available including conveyors, crushers and shredders.
  • Munchy Ltd - UK manufacturer of plastics recycling systems for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, polymers coex, and multilayer, printed or water-contaminated material.
  • Consults for the plastic recycling industry - Group offering consulting and information on the plastics recycling equipment recycling industry. Italy.
  • Advanced Recycling Equipment - Supplies complete line of grinders,and thermal reduction units for plastic tools and equipment recycling.
  • Amis-Zerma - Specializing in new and used machinery for recycling recycling equipment plastic tools and equipment and rubber from granulators and pulverizers, up recycling equipment to screening tools and equipment machines and washing systems.
  • Weima Maschinenbau GmbH - Manufacture shredding machine with specially designed rotors which are 4-way tools and equipment rotatable having a high cutting power for recycling plastic and tools and equipment rubber.
  • Zerma Machinery - Manufactures recycling machines, including granulators, shredders, compactors polymers and washing lines.
  • Erema GmbH - Manufacturing plastic recycling plants since 1983. Extrusion, densification and pelletizing, makes components or entire plants.
  • Officine Costarelli - Design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants tools and equipment for the plastics recycling industry. Also, on-site repair tools and equipment services. Detailed product descriptions. English and Italian.
  • Eurotecno SA - Recycling equipment designed for recycling film, raffia, injection tools and equipment polymers parts, piping and ground monofilaments, in polythene, polypropelene, tools and equipment polymers polystyrene and ABS.
  • Artec Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H. - Manufacture machine configurations for every type of thermoplastics recycling. A polymers cutter-extruder combination is the core component of the plant.
  • Panchal Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd. - Supplies complete systems and components specifically designed to polymers process and polymers recycle a variety of plastic polymers materials.
  • International Globe Metals Inc - Provides selection of new recycling equipment or tools and equipment polymers refurbished used equipment.

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