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Distributors of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and related materials with 60 locations throughout the US and Canada. Includes a pdf format catalog.

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  • Regal Plastics - Wholesale plastics distributor that offers plastic sheets, rods, tubes, films, wholesale and distribution glazing sealants, and custom plastic fabrications with locations in Texas wholesale and distribution and Louisiana, USA.
  • Accurate Rubber Products, Inc - Wholesale and distribution of industrial rubber products. O-Rings, polymers seals, hose and tubing, gaskets and accessories. On-line polymers quotes.
  • National Plastics & Seals Inc. - Distributes plastic sheet, rod, and tube, O-rings, packing seals, heat manufactured product shrinkable tubing, and machined plastic parts.
  • The Rubber Consortium - Importation and distribution of rubber o-rings, o-ring kits, gaskets, extrusions, wholesale and distribution and a wide variety of custom molded Products. USA.
  • American Shrinkwrap Company Inc. - Wholesale distributor of shrinkwrap and shrinkwrap accessories.
  • Hanna Rubber Company - Distributes a wide variety of engineered rubbers products, manufactured product including wholesale and distribution extrusions, road tube, hydraulic assemblies, gaskets, and manufactured product o-rings.
  • Plastics Unlimited, Inc - Distributors of full sheets, rods and tubes in polymers all types polymers of plastic. Also, custom converting and polymers fabrication services.
  • Rubber & Accessories - Distributor of industrial rubber products including conveyor-fabricated belt, hose and assemblies, gaskets, sheet rubber, and o-rings.
  • True Tape, LLC - Distributors of a range of adhesive tapes including manufactured product foam wholesale and distribution , double-coated, single-coated, and packaging.
  • Modern Plastics, Inc - Distributor of polycarbonate sheets, rods, tubes and film. wholesale and distribution manufactured product Also, custom fabrication, and parts machining services.
  • Project Plastics - Supplier of plastic fabrications and point of sale wholesale and distribution polymers material. Based in Colchester, Essex in the UK.
  • NOW Plastics, Inc. - Distributor of plastic film , including bopp, cpp, polymers pet, pvc, ops, and specialized films for the polymers packaging, stationery, decorative, label, and other industries. Includes polymers product application guide .
  • Walter Bethke GmbH and Co. - Distributors of plastic, and metal and plastic wheels, polymers casters, furniture glides, adjusters, connectors, fasteners, caps, plugs polymers and inserts. English and German.
  • San Diego Plastics - Distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube and vinyl for computer polymers sign making. Fabrication shop can supply formed, machined, or fabricated polymers parts to customer specifications. Custom aquariums.
  • Interfilm Holdings, Inc. - Distributor of a variety of plastic films and wholesale and distribution specialty papers designed for many industrial and packaging wholesale and distribution application.
  • Konrady Plastics Inc. - Volume distributor of plastic sheet, rod and tube, specializing in polymers machined plastic parts.
  • Plastic Supply Inc. - Supplier of a range of plastics in sheet, wholesale and distribution manufactured product rod and tube forms, also provide hard to wholesale and distribution manufactured product find plastics.
  • Grafix Plastics - Supplier of film and sheet for industrial applications. provides custom polymers slitting, drilling and sourcing of sheet and film.
  • Laird Plastics - Distributors of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and manufactured product related manufactured product materials with 60 locations throughout the US manufactured product and Canada. manufactured product Includes a pdf format catalog.
  • Western Rubber and Supply, Inc. - Distributor for major rubber manufacturers of vibration and wholesale and distribution manufactured product motor mounts, grommets, bumpers, and O-rings.

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