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UK supplier of tetraethyl lead solution for converting unleaded fuel into leaded fuel, halting valve seat recession and boosting octane.

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  • E-Diesel (Oxygenated Diesel) - Pure Energy Corporation has created an additive containing fuel additives diesel and 15% ethanol that can be run fuel additives in unmodified diesel engines. Based in Paramus, fuel additives New Jersey, United States.
  • Fairville Products, Inc. - Supplier of the Fuel Right brand of fuel additives for sludge, corrosion, and freeze-up control in systems using heating oil and diesel fuel. Based in Delaware.
  • Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. - Manufactures, markets and distributes fuel conditioners, lubricants and detergents for fuel additives a cleaner environment and better fuel economy.
  • H2Oil Corporation - Offering Advanced Fuel Performance Enhancers by Micro-emulsion Technology
  • RyDol Products - Providing solvent, degreaser, engine oil additive, grease, lubricants.
  • Aderco Chemical Products Inc. - Canadian manufacturing company and supplier of fuel additives.
  • Pflaumer Brothers - A manufacturer of additives for the coating, lubricant and dispersion specialties industries. Also provides consulting services.
  • ValvTect - Manufactures and markets a complete line of high fuel additives performance fuel additives diesel and gasoline additives marketed under the fuel additives Diesel Guard, fuel additives AgriGuard, ThermoGuard and ValvTect Marine Fuel fuel additives Brands.
  • TetraBOOST - UK supplier of tetraethyl lead solution for converting unleaded fuel fuel additives into leaded fuel, halting valve seat recession and boosting octane.
  • Dor Chemicals - Specialises in the production of a range of intermediate petrochemical chemicals products used in the chemical, plastics, pharmaceuticals and wood industries, chemicals as well as in agriculture and in motor fuels.
  • Dover Chemical - Producer of alkyphenols, chlorinated paraffins, polymer additives, liquid specialties and solid chemicals antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants, and specialties additives for water-based and chemicals oil-based metalworking fluids.
  • Power Service Products - Manufacturers of diesel fuel additives. Company background, product descriptions, fuel testing services, and trade show schedule.
  • Greased Lightning - Developer of lubricants, engine treatment oils and fuel chemicals additives. Offers online shopping.
  • MPG Industries - Manufacturer of metalworking fluids and additives, alkanolamides, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and EPA additives.
  • Berryman Products - Manufacturer of performance chemicals including fuel additives, cleaners, fuel additives lubricants, chemicals sealants and related products.
  • ADD APT Chemicals - Manufacturer of coating and lubricant additives, care products, and foam specialties control agents.
  • Maxima Racing Lubricants - Manufacturer of high-performance lubricants and additives for PWC chemicals and motorcycles.
  • Amalgamated, Inc. - Provide additive components in an additive formulation which fuel additives customers chemicals want to improve the quality of their fuel additives distillate fuel chemicals products.
  • Liquid Minerals Group, Inc. - LMGI manufacturers and sells fuel additives used to treat gas chemicals turbines, boilers, furnaces, and diesel engines that burn heavy fuels.
  • Protec International - Specialty chemicals, fuel additives and fuel catalysts.
  • Benelux Research Business (BRB) - Supplier of silicones, lubricants, additives and chemicals.
  • Chemicals Incorporated - Manufacturer of specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and fuel additives fragrances, chemicals basic adhesives and metal carboxylate dryers.
  • Advanced Fuel Solutions - Fuel quality solutions, fuel additives, fleet management and specialties consulting services specialties including fuel additive testing.
  • Hammonds - Manufacturer of fuel additives, fluid powered technology, fuel specialties treatment products, specialties and hydrostatic testing equipment.
  • Bangkok Synthetics (BST) - Producer of MTBE, Butene-1 and Butadiene in Thailand.
  • Polartech Ltd. - Specialising in the supply of additives, products and fuel additives formulatory fuel additives expertise to lubricant and chemical, manufacturing and fuel additives marketing companies.
  • Molyslip Atlantic Limited - Manufacturer of lubricants, greases, oils and additives.
  • Nitro Lube Advanced Lubricants - Canadian based seller of a metal treatment for engines, and fuel additives transmissions. Also offers lubricants pre-mixed with their metal treatment. fuel additives Product information and online ordering available.
  • Bioactiv - A fuel enhancer derived from vegetable oil for use specialties in diesel engines.
  • Run-Rite - Developer of performance fuel additives and synthetic lubricants for gasoline specialties engines.
  • Price Chemical - Supplier of nitro-based fuel additives.
  • Power Research Inc. - Treatments for gas, diesel and bunker fuel prevent chemicals carbon deposits, fuel additives stabilize stored fuel, reduce emissions.
  • Unik Chemical Industries - India-based manufacturer of Supplies Residuumsol, a specialized fuel additive.
  • Innospec Inc. - Global provider of specialty chemical solutions for application in fuel fuel additives efficiency and engine performance. Also manufactures a range of performance fuel additives chemicals including specialty surfactants and waxes.
  • Synergyn - Offers synthetic lubricants and automotive products such as power brake fuel additives fluids, oil and fuel additives, hydraulic and cutting fluids.
  • Framchem - Producer of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, metal surface treatment specialties chemicals, textile auxiliaries, food additives, cement surfactants and specialties water and fuel conditioners.
  • PennzSuppress - Provides specialized performance emulsified petroleum resin developed by Pennzoil Products fuel additives Company.
  • Justice Brothers - Manufacturer and distributor of fuel and oil additives chemicals for automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.
  • Kemco Oil and Chemicals - Genuine Tetraethyl lead fuel additives. Make your own racing fuel.
  • STP - Manufacturers of gas treatments, fuel cleaners, octane boosters and other gasoline additives.
  • IGOL - Producer of lubricants, cooling fluids, and cleaning solvants.

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