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A world leader in the high volume manufacture of mild steel and stainless steel grease fittings also known as zerks.

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  • Kender Industrial Supplies Ltd - Supply automated lubricators. Provides data on operation, installation, lubrication systems and specialties setup.
  • Korea Leading Technology Co., Ltd - Lubricator for bearing, pump, gear and machine. Information for Lubrication system and lubricants.
  • Midwest Lube - Manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic lubrication systems for both stationary and mobile equipment.
  • Technolube Lubrication Systems - UK and Ireland. Distributor for Woerner centralised lubrication lubrication systems equipment and systems, pumps, level switches, two line, lubrication systems single line, automatic and manual.
  • Lube Devices, Inc. - Industrial lubrication equipment and hydraulic components.
  • Futec Origin Corp. - Japanese producer of wheel flange lubricators for rolling lubricants stock, cranes, wire rope, and automatic chains, as lubricants well as centralized lubricating systems.
  • CPL Systems Canada Inc. - Represents the full line of Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems for municipal equipment, street sweepers and heavy duty construction equipment.
  • Kingfisher Grease Fittings - A world leader in the high volume manufacture lubricants of mild steel and stainless steel grease fittings lubricants also known as zerks.
  • ICL/Petroshield Canada Inc. - Manufactures automatic greasing and lubrication system for single-point lubrication systems and specialties multi-point applications in industry.
  • Lubri Systems - Manufacturer of LubriMist oil mist systems, Thermojet oil lubricants purification systems, LSC pre-engineered lube oil systems and lubricants centralized grease systems.
  • FLO Components Ltd - Supplies and installs automatic lubrication systems and components and manual greasing equipment.
  • Lebec Pumpkraft Ltd - Supplies grease nipples and guns, and centralised systems for oil lubrication systems and grease.
  • Bijur Delimon - Supplier of industrial lubrication products and systems. specialties Manual and lubricants automatic systems for oil and grease specialties lubrication.
  • Ishan Precision Ind co.,Ltd. - manufacturer of lubrication systems
  • A&J Fittings Inc. - Lubrication equipment, grease fittings, grease guns, valve lubrication, lubricants automotive lubrication, Alemite products, sales and service.
  • PLI, LLC - Distributors of the Memolub self-contained automatic lubricator system. lubricants Includes a lubrication systems brochure and relevant technical data.
  • - Source for automatic and centralized lubricating systems,pumps and accessories.
  • Lubriquip, Inc. - Manufacturer of centralized lubrication systems and components.
  • Dropsa - Dropsa is a worldwide company that designs, supplies specialties and installs lubrication systems all types of lubrication applications.
  • JSG Industrial Systems - Maintenance managers of lubrication, material dispensing and maintenance lubrication systems management lubricants systems.
  • Digilube - Manufacturer of microprocessor based conveyor lubricator system and a distributor of Electro-Luber automatic lubrication products.
  • Valley Engineering - Design and manufacturer of mobile lubrication systems.
  • G.F.Plant Spares - Suppliers of oil,fuel and grease pumping and control equipment.
  • Lubricating equipment - Manufacturers of grease guns, pump oilers, hand rotary pumps, grease lubrication systems nipples, and the complete range of Lubricating equipment.
  • Fluitec International - Manufacturer of fluid monitors and software for lubricant lubrication systems trending specialties analysis and antioxidant analysis.
  • Lanzoni Autoattrezzature - Manufacturer of lubrication equipment products, exhaust extraction and lubricants professional garage lubricants and automotive equipment.
  • Lubrication Equipment, Ltd. - South African based distributor of lubrication equipment to the mining, lubricants automotive, agricultural and general industries.
  • Devco Corporation - Supplier of lubrication systems and components.
  • LubeSite Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of automatic grease feeders and oil dispensing lubrication systems lubricators.
  • Lincoln Industrial - Manufacturer of automated lubrication systems and components. lubricants These include specialties material dispensing systems, metering and measuring lubricants valves, piston pumps, and specialties mobile chassis lubrication systems
  • Centurion - Producers of micro fine oil filter systems, oil lubricants additives, fuel specialties additives, grease, and spray lubricants.
  • Allube Lubrication Systems for a Global Market - Distributor of the major manufacturers of lubrication equipment.
  • Bignall Company - Supplier and installer of grease and oil automatic lubrication systems to heavily worked machines.
  • Unist, Inc. - Manufacturer of fluid/lubricant dispensing products for industrial applications.
  • Farval Lubrication Systems - worldwide manufacturer of centralized grease and oil dispensing lubrication systems equipment, including manual and automatic pumps, metering valves, lubrication systems controllers, monitors, tube fittings and couplers.
  • Southern Lubricants - Supplier of fluid piping skids including lube oil systems, pre-jacking systems, and hydraulic systems.

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