Commercial Contractors Historic Preservation Construction and Maintenance

Offer masonry and sculptural restoration and custom architectural carvings in limestone and marble. Includes an overview of services, works history, and gallery.

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  • Intrusion Prepakt - Fabriform and grouting specialists work on historic projects historic preservation worldwide; includes photos.
  • Alma Stone - Offer masonry and sculptural restoration and custom architectural historic preservation carvings historic preservation in limestone and marble. Includes an overview historic preservation of services, historic preservation works history, and gallery.
  • Historic HomeWorks - Helping owners, tradespeople, contractors and building professionals understand commercial contractors and commercial contractors maintain their older and historic buildings. John commercial contractors Leeke, Preservation commercial contractors Consultant
  • Coon Restoration and Sealants, Inc. - Provides masonry repair, restoration, and sealing for high-profile historic preservation historic construction and maintenance preservation projects.
  • Wallpaperguru - Specializing in historic restoration and conservation of wallpaper.
  • Summit Restoration - Exterior building restoration and high-rise maintenance.
  • McCurdy & Co. - UK specialists in the repair and conservation of historic timber-framed buildings. Reconstructed Shakespeare\'s New Globe Theatre in London.
  • American Architectural Restoration - Contractor provides historic preservation and refinishing services for commercial contractors architectural commercial contractors and sculptural metal, marble, and wood.
  • Fanlights - Builds custom reproduction Georgian fanlights and skylights. Includes commercial contractors information on the history of fanlight design.
  • Masonry Restoration Maintenance, Inc. - Specialists in historic preservation and restoration. Offers complete construction and maintenance commercial contractors exterior building maintenance, facade restoration, repair, evaluation and construction and maintenance commercial contractors consultation. Based in Westlake, Ohio.
  • William Anelay Ltd. - Repair and restoration of historic buildings, including stately homes.
  • Roof Menders - Performs tin roof restorations in the mid-Atlantic states.
  • Historic Wallpapering Specialties - Specialize in the installation and restoration of historic wallpaper.
  • Jenkins Slate Roofing Services - Offers consulting on repair of historic slate roofs construction and maintenance and directory of recommended contractors in U.S.
  • Village Restorations and Consulting Inc. - Restores traditional log and stone buildings; provides workshops on trades construction and maintenance of Colonial America; produces reproduction historic implements.
  • Achille Grassi - Provides masonry restoration services for historic structures worldwide, construction and maintenance construction and maintenance including temples, statues, and foundations. Based in Italy. construction and maintenance construction and maintenance Also in Italian and German.
  • John Canning Painting Studios - Specializing in ornamental decorative painting, conservation and restoration of historic interiors.

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