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Information about ready mixed concrete, concrete homes, decorative concrete, concrete finishing, FAQs, concrete case studies, tilt-up concrete, ICF, and other concrete information.

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  • Concrete Society of Southern Africa - Provides a forum for all who have an associations interest in materials and supplies concrete and promotes the concrete related associations services of the Society.
  • Tilt-Up Concrete Association - Working to improve the quality and acceptance of materials and supplies concrete tilt-up construction. Explanation of tilt-up construction, calendar materials and supplies concrete of events, and their directory.
  • French Center for Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - An association that studies the process of corrosion, and methods concrete for detecting, controlling and estimating the deterioration caused by corrosion.
  • Precast Flooring Federation - Principal objectives are to promote the structural and commercial benefits concrete of precast concrete flooring systems.
  • National Precast Concrete Association - A nonprofit trade association representing manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products, and companies that provide equipment, supplies and services to the industry.
  • Portland Cement Association - Information on almost every concrete product available for materials and supplies concrete the home, from walls to driveways to countertops.
  • Mid-Atlantic Precast Association - Professional marketing organization committed to the growth and concrete greater profitability of the precast industry in the concrete Mid-Atlantic region.
  • CEMBUREAU: The European Cement Association - Members include national cement industry associations and member companies. Features include background, structure, publications, news, and events.
  • Tennessee Ready Mixed Concrete Association - Information about ready mixed concrete, concrete homes, decorative concrete, concrete finishing, FAQs, concrete case studies, tilt-up concrete, ICF, and other concrete information.
  • European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals and Concrete Systems (EFNARC) - Federation of national bodies involved in concrete repair, concrete flooring, sprayed concrete concrete and protection and repair of concrete structures. Publications, committees, news, concrete and leadership are featured.
  • Corrosion Prevention Association - Promote the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete where it is the correct technical and commercial solution.
  • National Ready Mixed Concrete Association - Concrete industry advocate. News, events, members only section, concrete state associations, concrete and concrete applications and promotion.
  • Concrete Repair Association - Source of useful information, publications and manufacturers and associations contractors involved materials and supplies in concrete repair of buildings and associations structures.
  • Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) - Trade association website offering information for builders, consultants, concrete contractors, and homeowners on the repair and maintenance concrete of concrete reinforced structures.
  • Fly Ash Direct - An association of electric utilities whose common goal is to concrete increase utilization of their by-product resources. Includes technical papers, applications concrete and links to power stations.
  • Silica Fume Association - Promotes the use of silica fume in concrete and works to increase the knowledge of its benefits among civil engineers, state transportation officials, and the academic community.
  • Oklahoma Ready Mixed Concrete Association - Organisation objectives, forth coming events, listing of members associations and associates, materials and supplies and links to related resources.
  • Mississippi Concrete Industries Association - Information and resources for all facets of the materials and supplies concrete industry in the state.
  • Slag Cement Association - Information on the use and benefits of slag concrete cement (ground granulated blast furnace slag) in concrete concrete and other construction applications.
  • Sprayed Concrete Association - Sprayed concrete or gunite has been used for over one associations hundred years in the civil engineering and tunnelling industries.
  • EcoSmart Concrete - An industry-government partnership working to increase the use concrete of supplementary cementing materials in concrete through applied concrete research and development projects.
  • Concrete Block Association (CBA) - The trade body representing manufacturers of aggregate concrete materials and supplies associations building block in Great Britain.
  • Northeast Concrete Products Association - Stimulates growth and addresses concerns confronting the precast concrete industry in the northeastern US region.
  • International Concrete Repair Institute - Association devoted to repairs in the concrete industry. ICRI publishes a bi-monthly magazine, adopts technical guidelines for concrete repair, and holds meetings and conventions.
  • Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors Association - Promoting the use and understanding of corrosion-inhibiting admixtures concrete in concrete.
  • Stamped Concrete Association Of America - National association representing the stamped concrete industry. Includes associations list of materials and supplies services and a insearch for contractors.
  • Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute - Organizational site includes trade, technical and public affairs concrete information for concrete precast/prestressed concrete producers and their clients.
  • Wire Reinforcement Institute - An international association of producers of welded wire concrete reinforcement (WWR) and related products for the reinforcement concrete of concrete.

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