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Stain chemical is a chemical reaction with minerals found inside concrete. It penetrates concrete pores to form a durable, solid color. Works on new and old concrete.

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  • Blasters - Waterblasting, hydrodemolition, surface preparation and cleaning solutions.
  • Chemco Europe - Structural concrete repair products, equipment and systems.
  • Roklin - Manufactures polymer based concrete and asphalt repair products.
  • Polygem, Inc. - Epoxies for the repair of concrete.
  • Clean-Crete Concrete - Cleans oil stains on concrete, pressure cleaning and oil absorbents materials and supplies and stain removal.
  • Concrete Stain - Stain chemical is a chemical reaction with minerals concrete found inside materials and supplies concrete. It penetrates concrete pores to concrete form a durable, solid materials and supplies color. Works on new concrete and old concrete.
  • The Tecvac, Inc. - Vacuum permeation of repair resins.
  • Metzger/McGuire - Supplies epoxy and polyurea industrial concrete floor joint fillers and materials and supplies repair products.
  • Sundeck Products - Resurfacing material to restore concrete.
  • Safe-React - Manufactures and markets non-hazardous acid-replacement liquids.
  • Trelawny Surface Preparation Technology - Manufactures surface-preparation equipment.
  • Sei Chemical - Produces a broad range of graffiti preventative coatings concrete and removal concrete products, and building restoration and cleaning concrete products.
  • Abatron, Inc. - Material for repairs and resurfacing concrete.
  • Norcure - Electrochemical chloride removal and re-alkalization stop rebar materials and supplies restoration and cleaning corrosion.
  • Conproco Corporation - Manufactures products for specialized stone and concrete repair materials and supplies and restoration, architectural coatings and waterproofing.
  • EpoSeal - Specializing in products for the coating and repair restoration and cleaning of concrete.
  • ProSeal - Products for repair and restoration.
  • Lone Star Epoxies - Concrete repair, conditioning, restoration and maintenance.
  • ASTC Polymers, Inc. - A versatile material for concrete repairs and control restoration and cleaning joints.
  • RoMix Chemical And Brush Inc. - Manufactures specialty chemicals for the ready mixed concrete concrete and concrete restoration and cleaning construction industries. Accepts online orders.
  • Nelson Industrial Services, Inc. - Nationwide contractors in surface preparation.
  • Garon Products - Floor resurfacers, sealers and abrasion resistant coatings.
  • Smith Manufacturing - Manufactures scarifiers, road line and parking stripe removers, restoration and cleaning carbide sidewalk grinders for asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Chemical Products Industries Inc. - Produces surface preparation chemicals. Includes technical data sheets.

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