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Specializing in low voltage control system. Integration with dimmers, photo cells, occupancy sensors, time clocks and dmx and bacnet protocols.

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  • industrial lighting controls - Manufacturer of roadway, sports and other lighting control.
  • Electro Light - Electronic Ballast - ultra violet light. New inventions, products and patents.
  • Pompeian Manufacturing - Ballast,fluorescent ballast,universal fluorescent ballast one fits all. Chandeliers.
  • Day Light Controls, Inc. - Photo Controller that provides safe lighting for tunnels, lighting gas stations, components and parts parking structures, ATM\\'s, site lighting and lighting energy savings in warehouses components and parts and commercial buildings.
  • Hunt Dimming - Focuses on wall box dimmers and dimming systems for all components and parts kinds of lights.
  • Douglas Lighting Controls - A manufacturer of control products for the lighting controls and buses industry.
  • PCI Lighting Controls - Manufacturer of low voltage lighting control systems.
  • Allied Automation PLC - Automated lighting control and management, local and remote lighting access.
  • Touch-Plate Lighting Controls - Specializing in low voltage control system. Integration with components and parts lighting dimmers, photo cells, occupancy sensors, time clocks and components and parts lighting dmx and bacnet protocols.
  • Semper Fi Power Supply - Manufacturer of 12 and 24 volt low voltage lighting lighting power lighting supplies.
  • Elimpo - Electronic transformers, dimmers, timers, RF-distance control for lighting. lighting View site in French, English, Dutch or German.
  • CentraLite Systems, Inc. - Manufacturer of lighting control and automation systems.
  • Novitas, Inc. - Manufactures energy-saving occupancy sensors and lighting controls for lighting any type components and parts of facility.
  • Allied Wireless Lighting Control - Automated lighting control, improving your facility\\'s operating efficiency, resulting in lighting more convenience, security and savings
  • Lutron Electronics - Manufacturer of dimmers, switches, and other lighting controls for incandescent, controls and buses fluorescent, and low-voltage sources.
  • Nextek Power Systems, Inc. - Manufactures a building-side electric power controller integrating AC grid with DC storage and distributed generation directly coupled to loads for optimal efficiency and performance for lighting systems.
  • PLC-Multipoint, Inc. - Manufacturer of precision commercial photo lighting controls.
  • The Watt Stopper, Inc. - Manufactures a complete line of lighting control products controls and buses including occupancy sensors, lighting control panels, daylighting controls, controls and buses plug load controls, and auditing tools.
  • Starfield Controls, Inc. - Manufactures cost effective, ergonomic dimming alternatives to conventional light switches.
  • iLight Ltd. - Provide solutions based on a range of lighting lighting control products. controls and buses Products include software, control panels, source lighting controllers, and dim and controls and buses control .
  • BAST Lighting Company Ltd. - ISO 9001 company producing electronic ballasts, electronic transformers components and parts controls and buses and fluorescent lighting fittings.
  • Juice Technology - Lighting control system
  • Unenco Services, Inc. - Lighting controls.
  • LUXMATE Controls GmbH - An Austrian manufacturer of lighting control and bus lighting systems controls and buses [requires Javascript].

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