Exterior Luminaries Lighting Electrical

A multi-disciplined company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of exterior lighting systems, telecommunications masts, architectural canopies and passenger shelters.

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See Also:
  • Vista Outdoor Lighting - Manufacturer of low voltage outdoor lighting systems.
  • Charles Endirect, Ltd. - Street lighting systems produced in the UK.
  • FX Luminaire - Manufactures low voltage landscape lighting fixtures.
  • Moldcast Lighting Fixtures - Building mounted luminaries, bollards, street lighting and area luminaries lighting fixtures.
  • Architectural Area Lighting - Outdoor and landscape area lighting.
  • RAB - Makes outdoor flood lights, wall packs, garden lights and motion lighting activated lighting. Find complete specifications and catalog information.
  • Articulight - Lighting products for the colored illumination of facades.
  • Pumy Industrial - Manufacturer of outdoor garden light, outdoor party light, exterior festival figuring light, touch lamp, lantern,
  • Waters Lighting - Manufacturers of lanterns, columns and castings designed to lighting fulfill lighting engineers and specifier market requirements. lighting Products include high standard IP66 rated models with lighting one piece polycarbonate bowls and photometric optics.
  • Beachside Lighting - Manufacturers of corrosion-resistant low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures and tiki torches.
  • Yuguang Lighting - Manufacture of aluminum casting outdoor lamps.
  • Nightscaping - Manufacturer of low-voltage outdoor lighting; provides fixtures and transformers for exterior residential and commercial properties.
  • Musco Lighting - Specializing in the design and manufacture of sports exterior lighting systems. luminaries Solutions for indoor or outdoor, permanent exterior or temporary lighting needs. luminaries Unique technology to address exterior the needs of players, spectators, neighbors luminaries and television.
  • Moonlight Lighting - Our company Moonlight, located in Ankara is one of the lighting leading Turkish manufacturer and exporter of outdoor lighting. Products include lighting bollards, wall, spots, recessed and colume luminaries.
  • KP-lampen - Develop and produce exterior lighting products [requires Javascript exterior for navigation].
  • Jaquith Industries, Inc. - Manufacture airport lighting hardware . Products include in-pavement lighting (load bearing) lighting and edge lighting (non-load bearing) cans, lighting stakes, rings, adapters, spacers lighting and covers .
  • Urbis design of Germany - Designs and manufactures public lighting and street fixtures lighting as well luminaries as other street furniture.
  • Abacus Lighting Ltd. - A multi-disciplined company specialising in the design, manufacture lighting and installation exterior of exterior lighting systems, telecommunications masts, lighting architectural canopies and passenger exterior shelters.

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