Fiber Optic and Remote Source Luminaries Lighting Electrical

Lighting systems that transport the light to a different place than where it is created. This includes systems based on glass or synthetic fibers, or tubular systems coated with microprismatic films or other materials.

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  • The Fibre Optic Company - Supplier of fibre optic lighting systems for night luminaries clubs, museums, lighting theatre and retail displays.
  • MCS-Israel - Manufacturer of fiber optic lighting systems in Israel.
  • Advanced Lighting Systems - Residential and commercial fiber optic lighting design. Located in West Chester, PA.
  • Mica Lighting Co., Inc - Manufacturer and distributor of fiber optic lighting systems, fiber optic and fiber optic and remote source remote source products and supplies.
  • Special-T Lighting, Inc. - Design, manufacture, and install fiber optic lighting. Located in Burbank, California
  • Laforet Engineering Co., Ltd. - Makers of Himawari, systems for concentrating sunlight into fiber optic and remote source fiber optic cables.
  • Super Vision International - Fiber optic and LED lighting for pools and luminaries spas, landscape, fiber optic and remote source architecture and signs.
  • Fiberstars - Architectural fiber optic lighting products.
  • Mole-Richardson - Fiber optic and low voltage architectural lighting.

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