Church and Synagogue Equipment Materials and Supplies Construction and Maintenance

Manufactures church lighting fixtures, fiberglass steeples, cupolas, and wall crosses, wood and acrylic pulpits and lecterns, solid brass chandeliers, and stained glass church windows.

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  • Pews and Chairs - Factory representative for companies manufacturing church furniture. Includes equipment links to equipment manufacturers and installation information.
  • Uniflex - Manufactures kneeling or pew stacking chairs made from church and synagogue materials and supplies wood or metal for church seating.
  • Custom Baptismal Fonts - Designs and builds baptisteries that remind the church\\'s materials and supplies materials and supplies parishioners of the mystery of their baptism.
  • Bertolini, Inc - Offers a wide variety of premium stackable church equipment chairs. materials and supplies Services include friendly service and factory equipment direct worldwide shipping.
  • Dimensional Plastics Corporation - Manufactures Krinklglas, an alternative to stained glass, for materials and supplies equipment churches and synagogues. Offers free samples and materials and supplies equipment brochures upon request.
  • Mosier Acrylic Manufacturing - Manufacturers of plexiglass podiums, acrylic pulpits and communion tables. Services materials and supplies include custom logo etching.
  • Scott Manufacturing Co. - Handmade church and institutional furniture, including pews, pulpits, materials and supplies equipment and tables.
  • Rainsville Church Pew - Offers pews, chancel furniture, steeples, baptistries, stained glass and fellowship equipment furniture.
  • The Marshall Company - Manufacturer of solid oak church furniture and chancel. Dedicated to quality craftsmanship, materials, and installation.
  • MH Specialties - Manufactures artistic risers which transform your church choir into a equipment Christian symbol. Products include the patented "Living Christmas Tree" and equipment "Singing Cross."
  • New Holland Church Furniture - Manufacturer of radius curved pews and custom wood materials and supplies furniture including altars, baptismals, pulpits, chancel sets, and materials and supplies hymn boards.
  • Overholtzer Furnishings - Church furniture company based in Modesto, California and equipment run by church and synagogue a German Baptist family.
  • Heavenly Wood Church Furniture - Offers custom handmade church furniture including chairs, pulpits, church and synagogue church and synagogue baptismal fonts, prie dieu kneelers and altar tables.
  • Imperial Woodworks Inc. - Supplier of pulpits, pews and other hand-crafted church materials and supplies furniture.
  • Summit Seating - Sells church furnishings and offers free consulting for equipment buyers.
  • Wilmark Studios - Offers Jewish stained glass, synagogue and architectural windows. church and synagogue materials and supplies Services also include restoration and fabrication.
  • Fiberglass Specialties, Incorporated - Manufactures fiberglass architectural products including church steeples, baptistries, equipment crosses, cupolas, cellular concealment elements, and custom designs.
  • Kivett's Incorporated - Manufacturer of pews, benches, stained glass and other custom built church furniture. Includes examples of finished stained glass.
  • Allencia Furnishings Company Inc. - Provides pews and alter tables for all faiths.
  • Suburban Church Supply - Specialized in church furniture, custom wood church pews, baptistries, church equipment steeples, stained glass windows, and other chancel furniture and worship equipment seating. USA.
  • Sanctuary Seating Systems - Manufactures gravity-lift sanctuary seating, chairs and pews.
  • Rugel Church Furnishings, Inc - Sells church pews, chairs and accessories. Read about the materials and supplies company history and view the display gallery.
  • Aron Kodesh by Paluch Furniture - Sells custom designed synagogue furniture with optional stained glass engraving. Products include Aron Kodesh, Holy Ark, synagogue doors, Bimah, Amud, and the Chair of Elijah.
  • Church Furniture and Building Suppliers - Sells pews, fixed and flexible seating, steeples, baptistries materials and supplies and carpet. Other services include refurbishing of current materials and supplies pews.
  • Remembrance Inc. - Sells exterior and interior Columbarium solutions for churches equipment of all church and synagogue denominations.
  • Frank Wright Mundy & Co Ltd. - Sells non-alcoholic communion wine and equipment including cups, trays and equipment bread plates.
  • London Church Furniture - Manufactures pulpits, pews, and pew ends. Services include materials and supplies equipment installation, upholstery and reupholstery.
  • Anderson Pews - Buyer and seller of used church pews, chairs, pulpits and equipment lighting equipment.
  • Angelica Church Furniture - A supplier of church tables, chairs and lecturns church and synagogue in the United Kingdom.
  • Trinity Furniture - Manufacturers of church furniture. Browse catalog for pews, equipment chancel settings, lecterns, and various accessories.
  • Bowling United Industries Inc. - Manufactures church lighting fixtures, fiberglass steeples, cupolas, and wall materials and supplies crosses, wood and acrylic pulpits and lecterns, solid brass chandeliers, materials and supplies and stained glass church windows.
  • Fiberglass Unlimited - Manufacturer of church steeples, baptistries, and bell towers. Services include church and synagogue installation.
  • Virginia Church Furniture, Inc. - US manufacturer of many church furnishings including chairs, equipment pews and equipment pew parts, carpets, pulpits and prayer equipment rails.
  • Gabriel Services, Inc. - Offers used and low cost furniture to churches and ministries.
  • Munns Manufacturing - Designs and manufactures church steeples, spires, cupolas, weather materials and supplies vanes, clock towers and bell towers. Portfolio, catalog materials and supplies and architect information.
  • Church Chair Industries Inc. - Manufacturer of steel frame and oak frame stack chairs for equipment the church market worldwide. Printed and digital catalogs available.
  • T.W.Trays - Supplies hand crafted communion trays made of myrtlewood, equipment solid oak, equipment or oak with walnut.
  • Atwood-Hamlin Manufacturing - Manufactures metal church kneelers, pew cushions, and chairs. materials and supplies Services include upholstery and refinishing.
  • Church Outlet Inc. - Offers steeples, baptistries, and heaters. The mid-atlantic representatives equipment for Imperial church and synagogue Woodworks.

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