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Artworks on glass using gold leaf gilding and reverse painting to produce kitchen splashbacks (backsplash), table tops, wall panels, surfaces and decorated mirrors.

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See Also:
  • GoldReverre - Artworks on glass using gold leaf gilding and artwork reverse painting furnishings to produce kitchen splashbacks (backsplash), table artwork tops, wall panels, surfaces furnishings and decorated mirrors.
  • Art Holdings - Services the art and framing needs of corporations, designers, retailers, furnishings and homeowners. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Corian Art by Babb - Custom Corian Carvings - Designed and created for commercial and materials and supplies residential settings.
  • Starcsape - Designs and manufactures fibre optic star ceilings. Includes materials and supplies photo gallery and description of current and past materials and supplies projects, including theatrical back drops and corporate designs.
  • Ajit Kumar Nair's - Online gallery of spiritual/tantric paintings, murals, wall hangings, materials and supplies and interior decor accessories.

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