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Offers a variety of different bidet models manufactured by some of the worlds leading manufacturers of bathroom accessories. Easily installed on most toilets the different bidet models come in a variety of styles and colors.

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  • Baoter Industrial Co., Ltd. - Tanic solid brass faucet sets and bathroom accessories.
  • American Biffy Company - Offers discreet personal care bidet attachment that easily attaches to mechanical most toilets. Available in different colors and sizes.
  • Silver Line Water Faucet - Faucets and parts.
  • Guangdong Jiao Dun Industrial Ltd Co - Chinese manufacturer of faucet and sanitary equipment.
  • Extreme Bidet - Offers bidets from Korea. Simple, durable and affordable.
  • Boyerman Ltd. - Uurinal water saving devices.
  • Central Brass Manufacturing Company - Produce solid cast brass faucets and fixture fittings.
  • Sanicare - Offers a variety of different bidet models manufactured mechanical by some mechanical of the worlds leading manufacturers of mechanical bathroom accessories. Easily installed mechanical on most toilets the mechanical different bidet models come in a mechanical variety of mechanical styles and colors.
  • Aquaista Electronic Faucet Mfg. - Electronic residential faucets, motionflow and touchflow brand electronic faucets, many plumbing fixtures and equipment color/texture combinations. Custom made to order.
  • SFA Saniflo Inc. - Distributor of macerating toilets allow the installation of plumbing fixtures and equipment a bathroom in small spaces.
  • Hygiene for Health - Distributor for several manufacturers of bidets and bidet replacement parts.
  • Symmons Industries, Inc. - manufactures a line of commercial and residential shower toilets and bidets systems and faucets.
  • Air Delights - Offers automatic flush valves, automatic air fresheners, odor toilets and bidets control products, and automatic faucets for sinks and toilets and bidets basins.
  • Shanghai Waigang Plumbing Equipment Factory - Manufacturer of water taps. Products include basin faucets, tub faucets, basin downspouts, tub downspouts, stop valves and fittings.
  • Shangbao Sanitary Industry Co., Ltd - Chinese manufacturer of sanitary equipment.
  • Meisei International - Manufacturing traditional mixer taps, single lever mixer taps and thermostatic plumbing fixtures and equipment faucets.
  • American Faucet Inc. - Faucets and parts.
  • R and T Plumbing Inc. - Manufacturer and exporter of all kind of bathroom fitting including plumbing fixtures and equipment fill valve, flush valve and push button.
  • B and K Industries, Inc. - Import distributor of residential plumbing products.
  • Bloo Bidet - Manufacturer and distributor of electric bidet seats and washlets.
  • Cleanrite - Cleanrite offers distinct toilet accessories models that will suit your needs and comfort like hang spray, Fornara and Maulini, Virona, Cotto and American Standards, with easy installation procedures.
  • Alsons Corporation - Shower heads.
  • Grifería Sanitaria Rovira, S.A. - Faucets in brass, chrome, bronze and silver.
  • Union Conception International Inc. - Manufacturers of bidets which connect into the existing mechanical toilet arrangements.
  • Hometech Industries - Hygiene system replaces most standard toilet seats.Engineered for easy installation. plumbing fixtures and equipment Built-in memory system regulates water pressure and temperature.
  • Mrs. Bidet - A personal hygiene product for everyone. Easy toilets and bidets toilets and bidets to install and use.
  • Bidet 2000 - Bidets are ideal for people suffering from hemorrhoids, plumbing fixtures and equipment STD and for women with menstruation, easy installation, plumbing fixtures and equipment no plumbing needs and satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Just Plumbing and Heating - Suppliers of specialty plumbing and heating products.
  • Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc. - Sells to wholesalers and retailers around the world.
  • The Poseer Enterprise Co.Ltd. - Manufacturer of automatic sanitary products including infrared sensor mechanical automatic faucet, plumbing fixtures and equipment urinal flusher, and hand dryer.
  • Grohe America - Faucet brand used in custom homes and upscale plumbing fixtures and mechanical equipment remodeling projects.
  • Brasstech Inc. - Manufactures high quality designer plumbing products.
  • Athena - Controllable Flush saves up to 67% of the water flushed down your toilet, saving money and the environment with a 5 minute upgrade.
  • USA Bidet - Offers an improved method of personal hygiene over traditional bidets. mechanical Easily installed with no complex plumbing modifications involved.
  • White BIDET - Warm water cleaning bidet system.
  • Delta Faucet Company - Produces faucets that are both stylish and practical.
  • Newera Faucet Co Ltd - Manufacturer of ceramic core water faucets and water toilets and bidets heating equipment.
  • Caml Shower Equipment Co.Ltd - Manufacturers of shower rooms made of oxidized high-density toilets and bidets plumbing fixtures and equipment aluminium alloy frames, safety glass and ps board.
  • Price Pfister - Kitchen, bathroom faucets and tub/shower products for the toilets and bidets toilets and bidets home.
  • T and S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. - Nozzles, handles and inlets.
  • Amco and Febi Valves Pvt.Ltd. - Manufacturers and exporters of gun metal, bronze, cast plumbing fixtures and mechanical equipment iron, and steel valves.
  • Tapmaster - Converts any faucet to touch less hygienic operation.
  • HKR International, Ltd - Hong Kong. Diversified group of companies, active in plumbing fixtures and toilets and bidets equipment property management, industrial services, manufacturing, recreation and transportation. plumbing fixtures toilets and bidets and equipment Design and manufacture of sanitary ware and bathroom plumbing toilets and bidets fixtures and equipment accessories. English and Chinese.

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