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Sells a range of products for plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial flow control. Products include gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves .

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  • Watts Regulator Company - Supply a range of valves for regulators, plumbing and heating, plumbing fixtures and equipment water quality, oil, steam, and industrial markets.
  • Strand Earthquake Consultants - Consultants and distributors of automatic earthquake gas shutoff valves valves; seismic plumbing fixtures and equipment switches and alarms; and seismic shutdown valves systems for fluids, specialty plumbing fixtures and equipment gases, or high-pressure gases.
  • Missouri-Kansas Supply Company Inc. - Distributors for a range of pipes, valves and valves fittings.
  • FM Mattsson AB - Thermostatic and pressure balanced water conserving shower valves. Also water valves conserving faucets. Don\'t get burned. Marine shower too.
  • OMB Valves - Manufacturer of gate, globe, check and ball valve mechanical 1/2" to 24" to API602, API6A, API6D, Din, mechanical Jis standards. Certified ISO9001 since 1990.
  • Hammond Valve - Sells a range of products for plumbing, heating, mechanical cooling, and industrial flow control. Products include gate, mechanical globe, check, ball and butterfly valves .
  • George Fischer, Inc. - Manual and actuated valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, pressure regulating valves valves, y-globe valves and y-pattern strainers.
  • Water No Go Valve - An electronically actuated valve that controls water flow plumbing fixtures and equipment through pipes and plumbing to a house or plumbing fixtures and equipment structure.
  • Sun Yeh Electrical Ind. Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of electric valve actuators, hardware valve, and flow control.
  • Suds and Flood Backup Control - Valve available in four states, intended to stop valves waste water backflow.
  • Leonard Valve Company - A leader in the manufacture of thermostatic water mixing valves.
  • European valve producer for HVAC use - European constructor of brass valves. Iso certified. Specializing mechanical in valves brass ball valves according to all mechanical the European and US-standards,bibcocks, valves airvents, safety valves, non mechanical return valves, strainers.
  • Gould Solenoid Valves - Manufacturer of American-made solenoid valves for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Nuova General Instruments - Production of automatic intervention safety valves, made of brass and plumbing fixtures and equipment stainless steel, with free or controlled discharge, and suitable for plumbing fixtures and equipment every type of fluid. Employed for depressurizing air compressed containers plumbing fixtures and equipment and/or chemical, pharmaceutical, food, oe
  • Studor, Inc. - Studor air admittance valves replace expensive and complex plumbing fixtures and valves equipment plumbing vent systems that penetrate roofs of most plumbing fixtures valves and equipment buildings.

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