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Manufacturer and distributor of metal roof deck, composite floor and form deck including acoustical, cellular, and electrified metal deck for the construction industry.

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  • Cordeck - Manufacturer and distributor of metal roof deck, composite metals floor and metal decking form deck including acoustical, cellular, and metals electrified metal deck for metal decking the construction industry.
  • Consolidated Systems, Inc. - Supplier of metal roof, composite floor, form, and metal decking bridge deck systems. Product catalog and sample photographs metal decking of completed contracts .
  • Flotation Systems Inc. - Manufacture aluminum decking for residential and commercial use. materials and supplies metals Gallery showcase, installation demo and specifications.
  • North Star Industries, Inc. - Supplier of metal decking, roof decking, metal roof and wall panels and open web steel joists throughout the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
  • Interlocking Deck Systems International, LLC - Manufacturer of weldless and welded steel bridge decking, materials and supplies materials and supplies steel grid industrial flooring and storm sewer grating.
  • Vescom Structures, Inc. - Offers a composite floor system for multi-rise floor construction. New metals York.
  • Bouras Industries, Inc. - Offers a full line of decking products materials and supplies including materials and supplies roof, composite, form and remain-in-place bridgeform.
  • Epic Metals Corporation - Manufacture steel, acoustic and composite metal deck systems.
  • James River Steel, Inc. - A fabricator and distributor of corrugated stainless steel metal decking roof materials and supplies decks, floor decks and siding.

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