Polyethylene Plastic Pipes and Fittings Site Construction

HDPE manufacturing in the United States. Their piping products are often used for trenchless rehabilitation and construction particularly related to pipebursting and sliplining.

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  • WorldPoly Pty Ltd. - International supply of polyethylene HDPE pipe, fittings and pipes and fittings plastic fabrication production and welding equipment, new and used. pipes and fittings plastic Butt welding and fusion equipment are showcased. Headquarters pipes and fittings plastic in Lysterfield, Victoria, Australia.
  • Total Polyethylene Inc. - Supplier of HDPE pipe in Montanna providing a full range of products, including pipe, fabricated and molded fittings (tees, elbows, reducers, manholes), and transitions.
  • Konti Hidroplast - Design, develop and produce a range of extruded polyethylene polyethylene and plastic polypropylene pipes. Features product data and polyethylene technical specifications. Macedonia.
  • National Organic Chemical Industries Limited - Manufacture a range of HDPE pipes and fittings polyethylene for water pipes and fittings supply, sewerage disposal, gas transmission, and polyethylene drip irrigation. India. pipes and fittings In Plant polyethylene Piping
  • Pipefusion Services Inc. - Supplier of high density polyethylene pipe and fittings plastic in Canada, polyethylene the United States, and worldwide.
  • Charter Plastics, Inc. - HDPE manufacturing in the United States. Their piping pipes and fittings polyethylene products are often used for trenchless rehabilitation and pipes and fittings polyethylene construction particularly related to pipebursting and sliplining.
  • Blue Diamond Industries - Manufacturer of HDPE conduit and pipe for protection of fiber optic networks and use in natural gas distribution networks.
  • ERS Inc. - Manufactures polyethylene pipe, molded and fabricated fittings, dual plastic containment, electrofusion, pipes and fittings and butt fusion equipment. Based in plastic Fayetteville, Georgia, USA.
  • Poly Warehouse, Inc - Wholesale distributor of HDPE fittings across North America. polyethylene Product lines and news are provided. Headquarters in polyethylene Missoula, Montana.
  • Francesville Drain Tile Corp - Manufacturer of HDPE corrugated drainage tubing and fittings. Site has pipes and fittings a specialty calculator for determining amount of pipe required for pipes and fittings an ag drainage job.
  • Yuan Soong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of high density polyethylene pipes and fittings. Includes product plastic specifications. Taiwan
  • High Country Fusion Co - HCFC sells and rents McElroy fusion equipment in pipes and fittings polyethylene the same sizes and can provide the technical pipes and fittings polyethylene training and installation for your project.
  • Borodino-Plast - Manufacturer of PE, PP pipes for water-pipe, sewer and gas pipe. Manufacture both solid wall and profile wall pipes. Russia
  • Revinca C. A. - Manufactures polyethylene pipes, ducting, and fittings for electricity and telecommunications. Offers a list of products, technical literature, and company philosophy.
  • Oxford Plastics Inc. - Manufacturer of HDPE pressure pipe and corrugated plastic pipes and fittings polyethylene pipe, and includes a glossary and information about pipes and fittings polyethylene uses of their products. Based in Embro, Ontario, pipes and fittings polyethylene Canada.
  • Central Plastics Company - Central Plastics Company is a manufacturer of polyethylene plastic related products for piping systems. PE fittings and plastic fusion equipment are widely used to connect laterals plastic after trenchless installations of HDPE pipe.
  • Baughman Tile Co. - Manufacture, sell, and deliver corrugated polyethylene drainage tubing to the polyethylene Mid-Western region.
  • Ideal Drain Tile Ltd. - Manufacture corrugated HDPE pipe, drainage tile and accessory products. Distribute pipes and fittings PVC pipe and other drainage accessories. Canada
  • Springfield Plastics - Manufacturer of corrugated HDPE drainage pipe, offering drainage products for agricultural, residential, building, commercial and highway markets.
  • TolPlast Company Inc. - Offers HDPE corrugated pipe and fittings, plastic storage polyethylene tanks, membrane plastic liners, geotextiles, trench drains, catch basins, polyethylene meter boxes and vinyl plastic fence, deck and handrail.
  • Advanced Drainage Systems [ADS] - A leading manufacturer of corrugated (HDPE) polyethylene drainage pipe products. polyethylene Making drain pipe for the municipal, agriculture and housing construction polyethylene markets. Offering a complete line of pipe fittings. The site polyethylene contains engineering and application in
  • Palbox Industriale Spa, Polieco - Corrugated and slotted HDPE pipes for drainage and sewer systems, conduits, pressure systems and manholes. English and Italian.
  • Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc. - Manufacturer of corrugated plastic drainage pipe.Includes product technical plastic data and plastic user testimonials
  • KWH Pipe Ltd. - Manufacture plastic pipes for various applications such as polyethylene water, sewage, plastic gas and irrigation purposes. Features product polyethylene specifications, example installations, and plastic company news.
  • Transpaco Limited - South Africa - Wholesaler and distributor of all types of packaging material and polyethylene HDPE pipe products.
  • Hancor Inc. - Manufacture high-density polyethylene drainage pipes .
  • Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC - Manufacturer of extended length fabricated pressure and gravity fittings and distributor of HDPE pipe and molded fittings. Overview of product catalog is provided. Headquarters in Houston, Texas.
  • Prinsco, Inc. - Manufacturer of corrugated, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage pipe pipes and fittings pipes and fittings for use in agricultural field drainage, storm water pipes and fittings pipes and fittings management, and culverts. Site tools include a drainage pipes and fittings pipes and fittings calculator and profitability analysis.

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