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Large-scale retaining wall system based on a 5,800lb main block that is 3' x 8' with a 24 sq. ft. face.

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  • Redi-Rock International - Manufacturer of large-scale retaining wall blocks.
  • Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. - Supply biaxial and uniaxial geo-grids for retaining walls, retaining walls reinforced retaining walls slopes, pavements, foundations, and other engineered earth retaining walls technologies.
  • Inter-Block - Manufactures interlocking concrete blocks for the construction of site construction gravity type retaining walls.
  • Superior Piling - Manufacturer of light weight steel piling.
  • Allan Block - Segmental retaining walls and mortarless fencing system.
  • Zeewall - Producer of interlocking "Z" shaped sheet piling made of PVC.
  • Rockwood - Suppliers of concrete retaining wall units to form retaining walls large, small, complex, tiered, curved and straight retaining retaining walls walls.
  • Tenax - Manufacturer and supplier of geo-grids, plastic nets and materials and supplies meshes.
  • Gold-Joint Industry Co., Ltd. - Producer and supplier of geo-grid and agricultural nets.
  • The Reinforced Earth Company - Design and supply of retaining wall systems, noise barriers and materials and supplies precast arches.
  • Keystone - Offers a full line of retaining wall products, site construction from materials and supplies small home landscaping units to structural units site construction for commercial materials and supplies use.
  • Terraforce - Produces mortarless earth retaining concrete blocks. Includes specifications, designs and site construction dealer locations.
  • Materials International - Manufactures vinyl decking and vinyl sheet piling.
  • Soil Retention - Specializes in segmental retaining walls and erosion control development, block retaining walls production and installation.
  • Stone Strong Systems - Large-scale retaining wall system based on a 5,800lb main block site construction that is 3\\' x 8\\' with a 24 sq. ft. site construction face.
  • Risi Stone - Design, manufacture and construction of segmental retaining walls.
  • Anchor - Designer and licensor of retaining wall systems for large-scale shoreline, interstate, commercial, residential and do-it-yourself landscaping projects.
  • Geowestern - Supplier of earth retention products including block retaining wall systems.
  • StoneWall Select - Designers and licensors of stackable, mortarless retaining wall retaining walls system.
  • Lokblok - Manufactures a dry-stacked segmental interlocking retaining wall system. South Africa.
  • VERSA-LOK - Solid, pinned segmental retaining wall system. Includes company background, materials and supplies product descriptions and installation seminar schedule.
  • GeoStone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc. - Supplier of segmental retaining walls and decorative hardscape products.
  • Hilfiker - Designer and supplier of reinforced soil retaining wall materials and supplies systems.

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