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Offers tools and equipment for industry, commercial and home uses and carry a line of new and factory reconditioned electric tools, pneumatic tools as well as battery operated tools.

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  • Louis Williams and Sons, Inc. - Complete line of Makita power tools, parts and accessories. Featuring power secure online ordering.
  • Huskie Tools - Provides battery operated cutting and compression tools to power the electric tools utility industries. Includes technical tips and power searchable catalog .
  • Trado Industrial Supply - Offers tools and equipment for industry, commercial and tools and equipment home uses and carry a line of new tools and equipment and factory reconditioned electric tools, pneumatic tools as tools and equipment well as battery operated tools.
  • Kress-elektrik GmbH & Co - Manufacture a range of electric hand tools. Features tools detail product tools data and specifications.
  • J and CR Wood - The original designers, patentees and manufacturers of power the Metalcraft range of hand powered ornamental power metalworking tools.
  • Builders Equipment Shop - Sell power tools, diamond blades, generators and pumps. power Online sales power using secure trading.
  • Granite City Tool Co. - Manufacture power and cutting tools and equipment for the stone industry.
  • Makita Corp. - Designs and manufactures electric power tools, including portable woodworking and tools general purpose tools, primarily saws, planers, drills, grinders and sanders. tools (Nasdaq: MKTAY).
  • Ningbo Universal Elec.Machinery Co.,Ltd. - Offer a range of products including angle grinder, tools routers,hedge trimmer, power sanders, and jig saws. Includes a tools brief overview of products. power China.
  • Metabo - Manufacturers of power tools and abrasives.
  • Hutchins Manufacturing Company - Manufacturer of surface preparation tools, air sanders and refinishing tools.
  • Tanaka America - Manufacture a range of equipment including, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, power tools blowers, chainsaws, and portable drills. Includes dealer locator, manuals, and tools specifications.
  • SharpToolsUSA - Offers on-line sales (USA only) and support for tools the Swedish tools and equipment made TORMEK water cooled sharpening system. tools A division of Farris tools and equipment Machinery .
  • Jattco - Make a cordless drill light kit. Includes pricing tools and equipment power and photographs.
  • Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation - Manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial electric power tools, including power hammers, hand tools held sanders, cordless drills and screwdrivers. power Features a product catalog tools and media centre with power latest products and news.
  • Timberwolf Tools - Offers timber framing power tools by Makita, Oliver, Norsaw, together with accessories, parts and supplies.
  • Merlin Stelzer Sales Company, Inc. - Sale, rental and repair of power tools, diamond tools and equipment blades and bits, abrasives, and fastening systems.
  • Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacture AC and DC electric screwdrivers, torque meters and torque drivers. Includes a product service center locater.
  • Master Parts Distributors - Parts and accessories distributor for power actuated power tools, electric power chain saws, generators, furnaces and gas power portable forced air heaters.
  • Summit Tools - Dealer of brand name power tools.
  • H and B Distributors - Supplier of bench grinders and sanders .
  • Atlantic Tool Systems - Sell abrasives, air tools, airline accessories, electric tools, tools hand tools, tools and equipment and power tool repair.
  • Jenn Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of power tools, auto lamps, and low voltage garden lights.
  • Fairmont - Manufacturers of hydraulic power tools for the construction, power public utility, tools forestry and agriculture industries. Includes a power distributor listing and a tools downloadable catalog in Adobe power format.
  • Discount Tools - Suppliers of a wide range of brand name tools tools, safety power products, and equipment for both consumers tools and industry .
  • Metabowerke GmbH & Co - Manufacturer of power tools and abrasives. Includes tools and equipment product information and a technical dictionary.
  • Mephisto Tool Co., Inc. - Produce and distribute, power tool tools and equipment tools accessories and other tools, for contractors tools and equipment tools or non-professionals.

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