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NUCA has a trenchless technology committee. Site contains membership, convention and legislative information; online store and magazine, member questions and answers bulletin board, weather search features.

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  • Chinese Society for Trenchless Technology (CSTT) - ISTT Affiliate in China.
  • NASSCO - NASSCO is an industry resource for specification guidelines, industry practices, inspector training, and new technology know-how.
  • Underground Utility Contractors of Florida - UUCF is a non-profit trade association representing over 600 underground trenchless technology utility contractors, material and equipment suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the trenchless technology state of Florida. UUCF members are involved in water, sewer, trenchless technology gas, and telephone installations
  • United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology [UKSTT] - UK affiliate of ISTT
  • International Tunnelling Association [ITA - AITES] - Founded in 1974, ITA has 47 Member Nations trenchless technology and associations 250 Affiliate Members. The aims of ITA trenchless technology are to associations encourage planning of the subsurface and trenchless technology to promote advances associations in the preparatory investigations for trenchless technology tunnels and in the associations design, construction and maintenance trenchless technology of tunn
  • North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) - A multiple disciplinary society of individuals and organizations associations with professional, associations utilitarian or environmental interests in Trenchless associations Technology.
  • American Public Works Association [APWA] - The American Public Works Association [APWA] serves its members by trenchless technology promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and trenchless technology the exchange of knowledge.
  • Underground Contractors Association of Illinois - UCA is a nonprofit trade association of contractors trenchless technology and trenchless technology suppliers in the sewer, water, utility, and trenchless technology underground industry trenchless technology in the Chicago area. It trenchless technology is active in trenchless technology market development, information, education, labor, trenchless technology and promotion of safety.
  • Great Lakes & St. Lawrence chapter of NASTT - The North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) trenchless technology is an association of consulting engineers, educators, contractors, trenchless technology governmental agencies and regulators involved with the application trenchless technology of trenchless technologies. Our Chapter is an affiliate trenchless technology of N
  • Pipeline Industries Guild - The UK-based world-wide authority on pipeline engineering and associations associated activities, attuned to the needs of its associations members and the industry. The associations Pipeline Industries Guild was formed in 1957. Since associations then, it has evolved to be the only associations association world-wid
  • International Society for Trenchless Technology [ISTT] - ISTT was established in 1986 to advance the trenchless technology science construction and maintenance and practice of Trenchless Technology for the trenchless technology public benefit, construction and maintenance and to promote education, training, study trenchless technology and research in construction and maintenance that science and practice.
  • Distribution Contractors Association - A general contractor specializing in utility construction of construction and maintenance natural gas distribution systems, directional drilling, cable, construction and maintenance air duct and fiber optic installation.
  • Associated Research Centers for the Underground Urban Space [ACUUS] - The ACUUS is an international non-governmental association actively associations promoting partnerships construction and maintenance amongst all actors in the field associations of planning, management, research construction and maintenance and uses of urban associations underground space.
  • Water Environment Federation [WEF] - Trade association focused upon preserving and enhancing the construction and maintenance trenchless technology global water environment. The Collection Systems Committee is construction and maintenance trenchless technology very active in trenchless technology. Most trenchless technology construction and maintenance trenchless technology product firms exhibit at the WEF Tradeshow and construction and maintenance trenchless technology Exhibition [WEFTEC].
  • Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies [AMWA] - Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies [AMWA] - associations The site associations features items of interest in the associations fields of drinking water associations regulation and legislation, the associations Safe Drinking Water Act, Source Water associations Protection, Watershed associations Assessments, Drinking Water Treatment, and
  • Gulf Coast Trenchless Association [GCTA] - GCTA\\'s purpose is to advance the science and associations practice of trenchless technology installing, repairing, maintaining and replacing utility associations lines and related facilities trenchless technology through construction and rehab associations techniques that do not require digging trenchless technology a trench associations (trenchless technology).
  • ASTM Committee F-17 on Plastic Piping Systems - Sub-committee F-17.67 is focused upon the development of trenchless technology trenchless trenchless technology technology standards.
  • National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) - NUCA has a trenchless technology committee. Site contains membership, convention construction and maintenance and legislative information; online store and magazine, member questions and construction and maintenance answers bulletin board, weather search features.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers [ASCE] - The Pipeline Infrastructure Committee [PINS] of the American Society of trenchless technology Civil Engineers regularly considers issues pertaining to trenchless technology.
  • National Clay pipe Institute [NCPI] - National Clay Pipe Institute is a not for construction and maintenance profit trade association comprised of manufacturers of vitrified construction and maintenance clay pipe.
  • National Rural Water Association [NRWA] - The NRWA is America\\'s largest utility membership association trenchless technology serving construction and maintenance over 19,000 water and wastewater utilities.
  • CeoCor - Committee on the study of pipe corrosion and construction and maintenance associations protection.
  • Pipe Jacking Association - The Pipe Jacking Association has been established for associations 25 years associations and represents the leading contractors, pipe associations suppliers, and machine manufacturers associations in the United Kingdom associations pipe jacking and microtunnelling industry.
  • Engineering & Utility Contractors Association (EUCA) - EUCA is dedicated to serving union-affiliated construction companies.
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities - The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is the national voice of associations municipal governments, dedicated to improving the quality of life in associations all communities by promoting strong, effective, and accountable government.

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