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Consulting chemists and manufacturers of personal care products: skin care, make-up and hair care, otc's including sunscreens, skin protectants, topical analgesics, fade creams. Botanical based insect repellents. Unique sunless tanners and other specialti

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  • Pantina Cosmetics - Manufacturing company offers a wide variety of cosmetics beauty to distributors. beauty Site offers product list and pictures beauty only.
  • FDRA Labs India Pvt. Ltd. - Private label and contract manufacturing company located in private label Faridabad. beauty Offers new product research and development.
  • Cosmetic Specialty Labs, Inc. - Manufacturer of Aloe Vera based skin care, cosmetic and health products. Offers stock or custom formulations and packaging.
  • Odak Cosmetics Corporation - Manufacturer of products including Verita and Keen brand private label names.
  • Cosmaceutical Research Lab - Product development, reverse engineering, custom formulation and packaging of hair, cosmetics skin and body care products.
  • P. J. Noyes Company - Manufacturer of private-label pharmaceuticals and personal care products.
  • All Natural Botanicals - Manufacturers of bath, body and fragrance products for beauty wholesale and private label private label. Site offers product list beauty with pictures and wholesale private label pricing.
  • H&M Gutberlet Gmbh - Private label manufacturer for color cosmetics in pen beauty shape.
  • Beauty Pack Group - Belgian manufacturer of cosmetic products and innovative packagings beauty in metal, plastic and glass.
  • Northwest Cosmetic Laboratories - Providing development, formulation and packaging of facial, hair, body and sun care products.
  • KY Labs - Consulting chemists and manufacturers of personal care products: private label skin cosmetics care, make-up and hair care, otc\\'s including private label sunscreens, skin cosmetics protectants, topical analgesics, fade creams. Botanical private label based insect repellents. cosmetics Unique sunless tanners and other private label specialti
  • Phyzz, Inc. - Offers custom manufacturing of effervescent bath and shower personal care cosmetics products.
  • Cosmetica Laboratories Inc. - Vertically-integrated cosmetics manufacturer, stock or custom product development, private label manufacturing beauty and packaging. Site has online tour, private label product and beauty shade lists, manufacturing partner and contact private label information.
  • Biogenesis, Inc. - Manufacturer of cosmetics, beauty and personal care products.
  • The Contemporary Cosmetic Group, Inc. - Private label and wholesale manufacturer of cosmetics and cosmetics skincare products. Site has product list, some pictures cosmetics and contact information.
  • Raya Cosmetic Manufacturing Company - Offers prepackaged skin care products and supplies for private label professional cosmetics use.
  • Kolmar Laboratories - Color cosmetic and toiletry products contract manufacturer, provides cosmetics international contract manufacturing and filling, custom formulating, quality cosmetics assurance, marketing and packaging services.
  • Saroje International - Manufacturer of health and beauty care products, site private label has cosmetics product pictures, contact information.
  • Eve's Cosmetics House, Inc. - Manufacturer provides product development, manufacturing and packaging services. beauty Located in cosmetics the Philippines. Requires Flash player to beauty view site.
  • Biokolor Italia - Contract manufacturer offers research and development, marketing and beauty production of cosmetics.
  • Classic Cosmetics Inc. - Custom color cosmetic manufacturing, private label, personal care beauty items, cosmetics, private label makeup, lipstick and other beauty related beauty products.
  • Cobe Chem Labs - Provides manufacturing, contract packaging and private labeling for beauty cosmetic, pharmaceutical and specialty products.
  • Topfine Corporation - Supplier of cosmetic items, packaging and containers in cosmetics Taiwan, private cosmetics labeling available.
  • CITA International - Manufactures skin and body care products for retail private label and private label professional use.
  • Compania Americana de Lapices - Manufacturer of cosmetic pencils, lip-gloss and eye shadows cosmetics located in Argentina.
  • LadyBurd Cosmetics - Manufacturer of private label cosmetics, including skin care, private label eye private label and lip products. Distributors may order online.
  • Autumn Harp, Inc. - Offers research, development and manufacturing of cosmetics, personal cosmetics care and beauty OTC products.
  • MediDerm Laboratories - Offers skin whitening, bleaching and acne treatment products, private label wholesale cosmetics skin care for salons and spas, professional private label salon treatments cosmetics and cosmetic private label manufacturing.
  • Corwood Laboratories - Contract manufacturer, site has product list but no pictures, contact beauty information.
  • Weckerle Cosmetics - German company recognized for its automatic, high speed private label filling cosmetics machines for lipsticks, lip balm sticks, eye private label pencils, and cosmetics other tube-filled products. They also provide private label private labeling, color cosmetics and formulation matching, and injection private label molding.
  • 2K Industries - Manufacturers of private label and proprietary hair, skin, beauty and nail care formulations. Includes product descriptions, contact beauty information and company history.
  • Interfashion Cosmetics Corporation - Provides research and development, custom manufacturing and packaging of color beauty cosmetics.

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