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Manufacturer of barber poles, disinfectant products, sanitizing jars, and steril-ray ultra-violet sanitizers for barber shops, beauty shops, and nail salons.

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  • Gilrae International - Manufacturer and supplier of shears, scissors, nippers and beauty tools tools and equipment for professionals.
  • Ridan International - Manufacturers and exporters of surgical, dental and hair beauty shears.
  • Power Wise Manufacturing, Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of beauty care products including tools and equipment tools and appliances hair dryers, clippers, toothbrushes and manicure sets.
  • Zamaha International - Manufacturers and exporters from Pakistan of all sorts of hair tools and equipment cutting, thinnings, cuticle, and nail scissors.
  • Ningbo Sunshine Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of hair brushes, plastic combs, cosmetic brushes, tools and appliances massagers and bath accessories.
  • Elysee Electro - Combines creative design and professional technology to create products that enhance health and beauty at home.
  • MTL Instruments Pvt., Ltd. - Manufacturers in Pakistan of beautycare instruments including manicure, beauty pedicure and tools and appliances hairdressing scissors for professionals.
  • DermaWave - Intense Pulse Light photo rejuvenation system designed for tools and equipment tools and equipment the esthetician and other skin care professionals.
  • Lotus SA - Offers hairdressing appliances, tools and equipment.
  • Gruffe' Cutlery Associates - Italian manufacturer of scissors, shears, nippers, cigar cutters, tools and appliances beauty tweezers and manicuring implements.
  • Gilca Ltd. - Manufactures synthetic latex cosmetic sponges, applicators and accessories.
  • Million Charter Industries, Ltd. - Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of professional hair tools and appliances dryers, hot air brushes, rechargeable hair clippers, hot tools and appliances air guns.
  • FA Jimmy Industries - Manufacturers and exporters of surgical, dental, eye, manicure, pedicure, beauty care instruments and scissors, professional and pet grooming.
  • Giltsharp - Online store supplying professional catering equipment and hairdressing supplies including hair straighteners, hairdressing scissors, kitchen knives, tools, clothing and accessories.
  • Body Toolz - Manufacturer of professional hair cutting scissors, manicure tools, tweezers, pedicure and facial implements.
  • Wahl Clipper Corp. - Manufacturer of consumer, professional, and animal grooming products.
  • Biomak - Manufactures professional equipment in Polen for cosmetic including beauty epilation, manicure, tools and equipment pedicure, lifting, peeling.
  • Brush Closures - Manufacturer and designer of brushes and closures for tools and equipment cosmetics, paints and adhesives.
  • Kim Laube & Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of clippers, shears, and grooming products for the animal tools and appliances grooming industry.
  • The Tanita Corporation - Manufacturer of precision, electronic measuring devices and health-related diagnostic tools, for the professional and home-use markets.
  • Tak Po Manufactory - Manufactures plastic cosmetic accessories including compact mirrors, organizers beauty and cases. beauty Located in Hong Kong.
  • Eversharp Chango - Taiwan based manufacturer of scissors, shears, and cutting tools and equipment beauty tools.
  • Yixingrong Shaving-brush Ltd.,Co. - Manufactures and supplies wooden and copper-handled pivoting or tools and equipment tools and equipment fixed-head razors, shave gift sets, shaving brushes, and tools and equipment tools and equipment other accessories.
  • Sharpline Scissors - Manufacturer of handmade hairdressing scissors and shears.
  • Vogel Brothers Corporation - Manufacturer of professional hair cutting and pet grooming tools and appliances tools and appliances scissors and shears.
  • Flyin Plastic Industrial Co., LTD. - Plastics manufacturers specializing in cosmetic plastic products such as mirrors, tools and appliances brushes, combs, and hair curlers.
  • Fine Shears - Hair cutting scissors and sharpening for the professional tools and appliances beauty hair stylist.
  • Kunnex Incorporated - Manufacturer located in Taiwan and China of electric tools and equipment toothbrushes, hair clippers, trimmers and shavers.
  • Dido International - Provides salon and barber supplies and tools.
  • William Marvy Company - Manufacturer of barber poles, disinfectant products, sanitizing jars, tools and appliances tools and equipment and steril-ray ultra-violet sanitizers for barber shops, beauty tools and appliances tools and equipment shops, and nail salons.
  • Kingyen Industrial Corp. - Manufacturer of nail care products including files, buffers, tools and equipment beauty clippers, cuticle pushers, drill bits.
  • Beaugold - Manufacturers and exporters of nail nippers, nail cutter, tools and appliances beauty cuticle nipper, nail scissors, all kind of hand tools and appliances beauty tools, pliers, tweezers.
  • Velecta Paramount - Manufacturer in France of lightweight, powerful and ergonomically beauty professional tools and appliances hair styling tools, including blow dryers beauty and ceramic flat irons tools and appliances designed for stylists, salons, beauty spas, and hotels.
  • The Hair Show - Hair imaging software for professionals. Includes program tour and FAQ.
  • China Bestway - Manufacturer and exporter of beauty appliances such as eyebrow trimmer, tools and equipment electric shaver, nose hair trimmer, hair dryer.
  • Doo Jung Products, Inc. - Manufacturers and exporters of cosmetic brushes.

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