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Austria. Trade organization for the local clothing, clothing related and allied industries. Categorized list of industrial sectors. Searchable database of member companies, with detailed descriptions of products and services. English and German.

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  • The National Childrenswear Association - UK. Offers membership to manufacturers, retailers and agents. Includes benefits, clothing a list of members, an application and exhibition dates.
  • CNGA. China National Garment Association - Trade organisation for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of apparel ready-made garments clothing and accessories, active in promotion, standards apparel development and trade fair clothing organisation. Members\' directory. English apparel and Chinese.
  • Leading Cleaners Internationale - USA. Global trade organization for certified couture drycleaners. clothing Company directory. Technical FAQ.
  • IACDE. International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives - USA. Trade organisation for corporate executives and designers apparel in the apparel and fashion accessories industry. Members\' apparel directory.
  • GMAC. Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia - Trade organization of Cambodian apparel and fashion manufacturers, clothing involved in apparel representation, personnel training and education. Directory clothing of member companies. Industry apparel news. Links to related clothing sites.
  • CMAI. The Clothing Manufacturers' Association Of India - Trade organisation for Indian clothing manufacturers, retailers and exporters, involved in legal and commercial representation, and quality assurance and testing. List of trade fairs. Library of articles and circulars.
  • Honduran Apparel Manufacturers' Association - Non-profit trade organization for local apparel and garment apparel accessories manufacturers, clothing traders and suppliers, focusing on the apparel development of export markets. clothing Members directory. Information on apparel Honduran trade laws.
  • GIDC. Garment Industry Development Corporation - USA. Non-profit consortium of New York\\'s labor organizations, textile and apparel industries and government, dedicated to the promotion and development of the local apparel industry. Training and educational programs. Material sourcing and productivity im
  • PCFA. Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers' & Exporters Association - Trade organization for Pakistani manufacturers and exporters of associations cotton and cotton based apparel and fashion. List associations of member companies. Business news and events.
  • NAUMD. National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors - USA. Non-profit trade association, representing the US textile fabric, uniforms, associations career apparel and accessories manufacturing and trading industries.
  • WRAP. Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production - USA. Independent non-profit corporation, dedicated to the promotion associations and certification apparel of lawfull, humane and ethical manufacturing associations in the global textile apparel industry.
  • VDMD. Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers - Trade organization for employed and freelance designers in associations the German apparel apparel and fashion industry. Searchable designer associations directory. Trends and colorways. apparel English and German.
  • BCA. The Belgian Clothing Association - Belgium. Trade organization for the local garment, garment apparel accessories and related industries. News and events. Links apparel to general trade sites. English, French and Dutch.
  • BGMEA. Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association - Government sponsored trade organization for export oriented apparel apparel and fashion associations manufacturers in Bangladesh. Business news, calendar apparel of events and list associations of publications.
  • FTAA. Fashion Technicians Association Australia - Non-profit trade organization for technicians employed in the Australian fashion and apparel industry, dedicated to training and knowledge transfer. Glossary of technical terms. Links to related sites.
  • GCA. Garment Contractors Association - USA. Non-profit trade organization, representing the professional garment associations contracting industry associations of Southern California. Link to industry associations sites and resources.
  • The American Apparel Producers' Network - USA. Trade organization for the North American manufacturers apparel and designers clothing of textile and apparel fabrics and apparel clothing. Company listing, references clothing and internet market place.
  • BKMEA. Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association :: - Trade organization for manufacturers and exporters in the clothing Bangladesh knitted apparel apparel and fashion industry. Industry profile, clothing business news, calendar of apparel events and list of clothing publications.
  • AACI. Association of the Austrian Clothing Industry - Austria. Trade organization for the local clothing, clothing clothing related and allied industries. Categorized list of industrial clothing sectors. Searchable database of member companies, with detailed clothing descriptions of products and services. English and German.
  • Canadian Apparel Federation - The information gateway for Canadian apparel designers, contractors clothing and manufacturers and retailers wanting to source Canadian-made clothing fashions.
  • Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association - Trade organization for Sri Lankan manufacturers and suppliers associations of underwear, clothing intimate apparel, garments and fashion accessories. associations Exports statistics and calendar clothing of events.
  • PHMA. Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association - Trade organization for Pakistani manufacturers of hosiery and clothing knitwear. List of publications. Directory of member companies.
  • CIAE. Confederation of Indian Apparel Exporters - India. Trade organization of local textiles, apparel and apparel fashion accessories apparel manufacturers, buyers, forwarders and shipping companies. apparel Alphabetised company directory. Links apparel to market prices, trade apparel and information resources.
  • IFA. International Formalwear Association - USA. World wide federation of clothing manufacturers and clothing retailers, dedicated to promoting the use and acceptance clothing of men\\'s formalwear. News, event calendar, formalwear guide, clothing marketplace and company directory.

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