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Turkey. Designer and manufacturer of artificial fur jackets and coats. Includes profile, product images, and contact details. [English/Russian/Turkish].

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  • Fairy Fur & Leather Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturer and exporters of outerwear and accessories consumer goods and services for men, women and children in mink, fox, consumer goods and services rabbit and shearling as well as fur knitted consumer goods and services blankets. Includes profile, catalog, details of services, fur consumer goods and services care tips and contact details.
  • Elite Fur & Fashion Co. Limited - Hong Kong. Manufacturer of mink coats and jackets. Includes factory consumer goods and services tour, contact details and catalog for registered users. [English/Russian].
  • York Furrier - USA. Retailer of fur and leather outer wear fur offering cleaning, clothing re-styling, reconditioning, repair, storage, appraisal and fur insurance services. Includes clothing profile, catalog, company information, fur registration for offers and inquiry form.
  • Givuesse S.r.l - Italy. Designer and manufacturer of Solleciti and Borbonese clothing range coats, fur cloaks, waistcoats, boleros and jackets. Includes clothing profile, collections and contact fur details. [English, Russian].
  • Hilton Fur and Leather (H.K.) Limited - Hong Kong and China. Manufacturer of fur and clothing leather garments. Includes profile, catalog (registration required), news clothing and cotact details. [Chinese, English].
  • Zuki International - Canada. Designer of men\\'s and women\\'s fashions. Includes consumer goods and services profile and images of collections from 2000 onwards.
  • Arizona Furs - Turkey. Designer and manufacturer of artificial fur jackets consumer goods and services and coats. Includes profile, product images, and contact consumer goods and services details. [English/Russian/Turkish].
  • Hana K - New York, USA. Designer and manufacturer of men\\'s consumer goods and services and women\\'s fashion coats. Includes history, product images, consumer goods and services news, retail outlets, and enquiry form.
  • Adriano Bonazza Fur Company - Italy. Designers, manufacturers and retailers of fur coats clothing and leather accessories, also offering cleaning and storage clothing services. Includes [English, Italian]
  • Beauti-Fur - Hong Kong. Manufacturer and wholesaler of jackets, shawls fur and accessories consumer goods and services from squirrel, coyote, weasel, mink, raccoon, fur rabbit and Tibetan lamb. consumer goods and services Includes profile, product catalog, fur rabbit fur color chart, contact details consumer goods and services and inquiry fur form. [English/Japanese
  • Ankara Furhouse - Turkey. Manufactures coats, jackets, accessories and toys. Includes fur product photographs. consumer goods and services [English and Turkish]
  • Sprung Frères - France. Designer and retailer of handmade shearling, mink, and lamb fur garments including coats, jackets and capes. Includes profile, history, selected fur catalog, list of trade shows and outlets worldwide, press notices fur and inquiry form. [English/French].
  • DaYing YaoShun Fur Processing Factory - China. Manufacturer and exporter of fur garments, accessories, clothing pelts and consumer goods and services plates. Includes profile, catalogs, online order clothing form and contact details. consumer goods and services [English, Chinese].
  • Rucon srl - Italy. Brief details and image gallery for manufacturer of suede, conyskin and sheepskin jackets and coats. [English, Italian, Japanese].
  • Anpel - Italy. Manufactures fur and cloth coats and jackets, fur and silk clothing raincoats lined with fur. Includes product fur photographs. [English and Italian]
  • F.N. Mexa Fur - Greece. Manufacturer and retailer of fur and leather fur women\\'s coats and jackets. Includes e-shop, profile, collections, fur details of their store in Crete, and contact fur information. [English/Greek/Russian].

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