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Hong Kong. Supplier of a range of decorative items for the garment, bag, footwear, headwear, and toy manufacturing industries. Includes a product catalog, a location map, and an inquiry form.

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  • Reliant Ribbon Corp - USA. Manufacture, distribution and export of decorative ribbons for use in the floral, holiday, craft, packaging, gift and apparel industries. Custom logo printing and hot stamp services. Extensive product catalog.
  • Bandex GmbH - Austria. Curtain tapes for window design, and narrow clothing woven tapes for home textile applications. Trimmings, venice clothing laces, satin ribbons and accessories. [English, German]
  • Pioneer Embroideries, Ltd - India. Manufacturers of collections of embroideries and laces materials and supplies clothing for the fashion and clothing industry.
  • - Canada. Manufactures grosgrain, satin and organza ribbon. Includes product specifications materials and supplies and photos, and minimum order details.
  • Hyman Hendler & Sons - USA. Design and manufacture of basic, novelty and vintage ribbons trimmings, ribbons, and laces and trims for crafts, garment and home furnishing applications, from trimmings, ribbons, and laces cotton, rayon, polyamide and blends.
  • Salvador Figueras SA - Spain. Manufacturers of personalised woven and printed ribbons and labels for commercial applications, from polyester and polyamide. Also, narrow fabrics for bias binding. English and Spanish.
  • K. C. Penn Ltd. - China. Manufactures beading and embroidery, beads, trimming and materials and supplies accessories, as well as crocheted garments and ladies materials and supplies fashions. Includes a brief company profile and product materials and supplies details.
  • Shih Keh Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan. Manufacturers of woven, organdy, satin, metallic, linen, velvet, and clothing jacquard ribbons. Includes product catalog, and an inquiry form.
  • Olympia Lace Co - Pakistan. Manufacturers of dyed and printed ribbons, lanyards and labels clothing for the garment, textile and retail industries. Detailed color chart.
  • Digitex, Inc - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of ribbons, laces and trimmings, clothing and buttons, zippers, tapes, cords, strings and clothing ropes for garment manufacturing applications.
  • Pacific Ornaments Mfy - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of a range of garment clothing accessories, including ribbons, laces, buttons, tapes and assorted clothing trimmings. [English, Chinese]
  • Armotex Co., Ltd - Turkey. Manufacturers of rigid and elastic, colored and materials and supplies transparent woven ribbons for apparel and furnishing applications. materials and supplies Also, zipper tapes. Color cards. [English and Turkish]
  • Rolexx - India. Manufacturer and supplier of plastic sequins to clothing the garment trimmings, ribbons, and laces industry and fashion houses in the clothing international market. Includes product trimmings, ribbons, and laces photos and an inquiry clothing form.
  • Girraj Mal and Sons, Ltd - India. Manufacturers of braids, trims, laces, fringes, tassels, clothing and appliques for the garment and home furnishings clothing industries. Also cords, strings, and webbing.
  • Muetze Textilband GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of ribbons for automotive, clothing, home textiles and materials and supplies leisure goods applications. [English, German]
  • I YU Band Knitting Factory Limited - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of dyed bands, tapes and clothing laces. Includes a company profile and an inquiry clothing form. [English, Chinese]
  • Korpa Korhan Textile and Garment Materials - Turkey. Manufacturers of lace adornments for the garment materials and supplies materials and supplies industry, from polyamide and spandex. Also, clothing accessories. materials and supplies materials and supplies Detailed product catalog, including technical specifications. [English, Turkish]
  • Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc. - USA. Makes satin ribbon, program and bookmark tassels, menu cords, decorative elastics, and mobile display components. Includes product photos and a color chart.
  • ÖZ-EL Group - Turkey. Group of companies, specialised in the manufacture of jacquard, velvet and satin, dyed and printed ribbons for apparel and fashion, craft and retail applications. Multi-lingual site.
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Tianhai Lace Co., Ltd. - China. Produces laces of various patterns. Includes a materials and supplies clothing brief company profile and details of equipment and materials and supplies clothing products. [English and Chinese]
  • Lawrence Schiff Silk Mills - USA. Manufacturer of ribbons, bows, and rosettes in clothing a variety of fabrics and patterns. Offers custom clothing printing and dyeing services. Includes company and designer clothing profile, FAQs, and a shopping cart.
  • Freetex Elastic Fabric Factory Co., Ltd - Thailand. Manufacturers of elastic webbings, ribbons, and hook trimmings, ribbons, and laces and loop tapes for applications in intimate apparel.
  • DMS - Poland. Produces openwork laces, polyester satin trimmings, and materials and supplies applique tapes for garments, corsets, bedding, toys, shoes, materials and supplies curtains and drapes. Also offers tablecloths. [English, Russian, materials and supplies Czech]
  • JKM Products Corporation - USA. Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of a wide variety of ribbons and trims. Accepts online orders.
  • Lace for Less, Inc. - Manufacturer of trim laces, Raschel allovers, tulle, single face and picot ribbons. Accepts online orders.
  • General Hope Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Manufacturers of standard and custom woven and clothing dyed ribbons clothing for apparel and decoration applications, from clothing polyester and polyamide. Detailed clothing product catalogs, including technical clothing information and color cards. English and clothing Chinese.
  • Decorine International, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of trimming laces for intimate trimmings, ribbons, and clothing laces apparel applications. Also, kitchen utensils and cosmetic equipment.
  • Boutons-Paris Ltd. - Israel. Manufactures cotton, nylon, elastic, stretch, and cotton twill lace materials and supplies trimmings.
  • Fashion Ribbon Co. - USA. Ribbons, bows and trimmings for children\\'s wear, intimate apparel, clothing swimwear, knitwear, hair accessories, cosmetics and toiletries, stationary, packaging, home clothing furnishings and footwear.
  • Francisco Binello SA - Argentina. Manufacturers of laces, rigid and elastic trimmings, clothing cords, braids, ribbons and bands, and embroidery and clothing craft fabrics for garment and footwear applications, notion clothing stores and hobbyists. [English, Spanish]
  • Colour Ribbons Ltd. - UK. Manufactures polyester, herringbone, twill, cotton, taffeta, grosgrain, and acetate materials and supplies ribbons for labels and trimmings. Includes a company profile and materials and supplies an inquiry form. [English, Spanish, Chinese]
  • Grossi Srl - Italy. Produces leather trimmings, laces, ribbons, wedges and clothing promotional articles. trimmings, ribbons, and laces Includes product specifications. [English, Italian, Portuguese clothing and French]
  • Weifang Yuyuan Textile Co., Ltd. - China. Manufactures woven ribbons. Includes a company profile, product photos and order information.
  • P.E.T.A.L. - India. Manufactures, exports and trades elastics, laces, braids and trimmings. materials and supplies Includes a company profile and product details.
  • Gelberg Braid - USA. Braids, tassels, buttons, passamenteries and cords for the home furnishings, fashion and gift industries.
  • Wm. N. Ginsburg Co. - USA. Manufactures braids and decorative trims. Provides a product catalog.
  • WaTai Garment & Jewellery Accessories Co. Ltd. - Hong Kong. Supplier of a range of decorative items for materials and supplies the garment, bag, footwear, headwear, and toy manufacturing industries. Includes materials and supplies a product catalog, a location map, and an inquiry form.
  • Lucky Weaving, Ltd - China. Manufacturers of jacquard and plain woven and knitted, yarn clothing and solid dyed, printed and embroidered ribbons, trimmings and tapes clothing for garment applications. Also, laces and lace fabrics. Detailed product clothing catalogs, including technical specifications a
  • Nitex Ltd. - Bulgaria. Manufactures fabrics and knitted articles, ribbons, cords, materials and supplies materials and supplies satin ribbons, decorative ribbons and other kinds of materials and supplies materials and supplies passementerie products. Includes product photos. [English, Bulgarian and materials and supplies materials and supplies German]
  • Michele Letizia - Italy. Manufacturers of coordinated lines of ribbons, laces trimmings, ribbons, and clothing laces and elastic fabrics for the garment industry. In-house trimmings, ribbons, clothing and laces dyeing and finishing. [English, Italian, French]
  • Success Charter Enterprise, Ltd - Hong Kong. Manufacturers of ribbons and bows for the fashion industry.
  • Knobo Design BV - The Netherlands. Design and manufacture of artificial leather trimmings, ribbons, and laces belts, and trimming and piping for the fashion trimmings, ribbons, and laces and garment industry. Multi-lingual site.
  • Garland Industries Co., Ltd. - Hong Kong. Manufacturer and exporter of metallic bows, trimmings, ribbons, and trimmings, ribbons, and laces laces ribbons, rosettes, trimmings, straps, laces and buttons. Also, trimmings, ribbons, trimmings, ribbons, and laces and laces beaded accessories.
  • Bao Hong Weaving Mill - China. Manufacturer of decorative tassels, fringes, cords, braids clothing and trimming.
  • Papilionaceous Ltd, - UK. Designs and manufactures silk ribbon trimmings and woven bookmarks. Contains a brief company history and photos of collection samples.
  • Atkins & Pearce, Inc. - USA. Producers of tubular and flat braided cords. Includes a materials and supplies company history, product photos and equipment details.
  • Fabrizzio Italiano Pizzi Snc - Italy. Bobbin laces, ribbons and laced crochet articles. materials and supplies Also, pipings, spindles, and other fashion accessories. [English, materials and supplies Italian]
  • Suzhou China Dragon Textile - China. Manufacturer of elastic and non-elastic, band, allover, mesh, and curtain laces. [English, Chinese]

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