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See Also:
  • Voodoo Cable - German manufacturer of speaker and interconnect cables.
  • Purist Audio Design - A wide range including water-filled and light-filled models.
  • Kubala-Sosna - Manufacturer of a variety of high-end analog, digital, speaker and power cables. USA.
  • Discovery Cable - Makes interconnect, 110 Ohm cables and speaker cable.
  • Kimber Kable - Very wide range, related accessories used in other high-end boxes.
  • Slinkylinks - Combining three-step cabling process with pure silver conductors.
  • Silver Audio - Manufacturers of interconnect, speaker cables, power cord and accessories accessories. USA.
  • Magnan Audio Cables - From California. One speaker wire is a 5-inch-wide cables strip of copper.
  • Tara Labs - Featuring rectangular solid core designs.
  • Jorma Design - Makes jigh-end loudspeaker cables and interconnects composed of copper. USA.
  • TG Audio Lab - Makes a variety of interconnects and power cables. accessories USA.
  • Crystal Clear Audio - Manufacturer and designer of silver interconnects and power cables. USA.
  • Lieder Audio Cables - Makes silver interconnects and speaker cables. Online store.
  • Stealth Audio Cables - Makes a wide range of cables such as accessories interconnects, power audio cords, wall plugs and speaker cables. accessories USA.
  • Pear Cable Corporation - Manufacturer of high-fidelity audio cables for both home and car accessories audio. USA.
  • Elco Audio - Manufacturer of high-end audio interconnects, speaker cables, digital audio cables and cables power cords. USA.
  • Acoustic Technologies - Manufacturer of speaker cable and interconnect. Canada.
  • Silver Smith Audio - US-built, featuring ultrathin-ribbon geometry and pure silver construction.
  • Townshend Audio - Manufacturer of cryogenic interconnects and speaker cables. Other accessories include isolation platforms and racks.
  • Cable Research Lab - Makes speaker and interconnect cable and power cords. cables USA.
  • Bogdan Audio - Makes interconnect, speaker cables and power cables.
  • Nirvana Audio - Audio cables engineered with ultra-pure aerospace grade materials.
  • Clearer Audio - Makes a range of RCA high-end audio cables. UK.
  • Stager Silver Solids. - Manufacturer of solid silver interconnectors. USA.
  • Digiflex - Manufacturer and importer of cables for the entertainment industry. Canada.
  • NBS Cables - Makes audio interconnect, speaker cables and power cords which employs accessories the circuitry of a passive frequency inductance network. USA.
  • SonoCable - Specialized hand-made hi-fi audio cables in silver and audio copper. Also audio makes passive volume control. Canada.
  • Harmonic Technology - Uses patented metallurgical process of purifying metals which eliminates crystalline accessories barrier distortion.
  • Pure Silver Sound - Provides silver audio interconnects and speaker cables. USA.
  • Locus Design - High end power cords and audio clamps and weights for accessories vinyl records and record players and turntables. USA.
  • Sound Plug Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of XLR connector, plug, and chassis, also makes adapter, gooseneck mic, gooseneck lamp, and peripheral accessories. Taiwan.
  • Jade Audio - Makes gold and gold plated silver audio interconnects, RCA and cables XLR cables. USA.
  • Prana Wire - Makes high end audio cables and power cord. accessories USA.
  • Argento - Unshielded silver cables from Denmark.
  • Michael Wolff Audio - Carbon technology power cords and interconnects. USA.
  • HiDiamond - Makes audio, video and AC power cables and power supply. Italy.
  • Le Transtar International - Provides cables, connectors, capacitors, crystals, hybrid IC, inductors, LCD, LED, cables loudspeakers drivers, potentiometers and resistors.
  • D.H. Labs Silver Sonic - Makes audio cables such as speaker cable, power cables AC cable audio and RCA connectors.
  • Luminous Audio Technology - Makes cables, speaker wire, and interconnects. USA.
  • Goertz Audio - Offers speaker cables, interconnects, foil inductors and balanced audio power supplies. audio USA.
  • Cicable - Provides constant impedance cable, power cables and crossovers.
  • Siltech - Provides interconnects and speaker cables using a silver-gold conductors. Netherlands.
  • Current Cable - Makes silver and copper ribbons cables such as accessories speaker and power cables and interconnects. USA.
  • Nordost Corporation - From Massachusetts featuring flat-line cables.
  • Ecosse Reference Cable - Provides interconnects and speaker cables. Includes a local and international dealer list. UK.

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