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Manufacturer and exporter of loudspeaker such as TV speaker, car speaker, multimedia speaker, mylar speaker, condenser microphone, dynamic receiver, buzzer and transducer. Hong Kong, China.

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  • Huey Tung Electronic Co. - Manufacturer a variety of speakers and their components dynamic in Taiwan.
  • Bobolink - Speaker manufacturer and exporter. Hong Kong, China.
  • WinnerShine - Specialising in the researching, designing, manufacturing and exporting portable speaker speakers systems. China.
  • Hosen (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturers of home theater, in-wall, and car speakers. China.
  • Stereolith - Makes single box stereophonic hi-fi speaker system, subwoofer and amplifiers. asia China.
  • Shenzhen Richtec Industry - Manufacturer of home theatre and iPod speaker. China.
  • Lancaster Audio - Makes affordable loudspeaker for stereo and home cinema. speakers China.
  • Forgings Industrial - Manufacturer of car, outdoor, in wall speaker, subwoofer speakers amplifiers and speakers home theater systems. Taiwan.
  • Joly Speakers - Taiwan manufacturers of floor standing loudspeaker using a patent technology.
  • Hansontech International Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of multimedia speakers. Features contact, product asia and technical asia information. Taiwan.
  • Chuang Yi Electronics - Manufacturer of mini speaker and multimedia speaker. China.
  • Calix Internationnal - Manufacturer of monitor and floorstanding dynamic loudspeaker and dynamic exotic horn dynamic speaker. Taiwan.
  • Trancom Electronics, Inc. - Located in China, manufacturing loudspeaker home theater systems, asia drivers, and dynamic custom cabinets.
  • Goldtech Industrial - Exporter and manufacturer of home electronics products and dynamic digital products, speakers focusing on multimedia speakers, wireless speaker, dynamic home theaters, and portable speakers DVD player. China.
  • Mark-Tech - Manufacturer of car audio speakers, home theater system speakers and dynamic ceiling speakers. India.
  • Keiga Electronic Lnc. - Manufactures subwoofer amplifiers and multimedia power speaker systems in Taiwan.
  • Jazz Speakers - Manufacturing of speakers for the computer and consumer speakers electronics market. Taiwan.
  • Shenglei Electroacoustic Equipment - Manufacturer of home, computers, car and professional speakers. speakers China.
  • American Eastern Resourcing - Manufacturer and wholesaler of home theater speaker systems. China.
  • Markaudio - Designs and manufactures full range speaker systems and components for speakers the custom builder. Hong Kong, China.
  • Hornsonic - Loudspeaker design and manufacturing solutions, customized for specialty asia needs, OEM. speakers hi-fi, car sound, professional audio. Taiwan.
  • Lithos Acoustics - Makes loudspeakers, stereo and home theaters systems. India.
  • Wai Ming Hong - Manufacturer of subwoofers, loudspeakers, amplifier subwoofer speaker systems asia and active speakers speakers. Hong Kong.
  • AL Goodwell Industries Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of loudspeaker such as TV speakers speaker, car speakers speaker, multimedia speaker, mylar speaker, condenser speakers microphone, dynamic receiver, buzzer speakers and transducer. Hong Kong, speakers China.
  • Zhongshan Xingguan Electronics - Maker of iPod, home theater system, desktop and speakers computer speaker. OEM service provided. China.
  • Rethm Speakers - Provides full range voice coiled single-driver loudspeakers of dynamic high efficiency speakers using horn-loaded and lowther drivers. India.
  • Hong Da Industrial - Manufacturer and exporter of loudspeakers for various applications, dynamic including hifi and car audio. Made in various dynamic materials. Also offers microphone components. Hong Kong, China.
  • Fal - Makes single flat drivers full-range speakers. Japan.
  • Sound Mechanics - Manufacturer of speakers and accessories such as spikes. speakers Hong Kong, dynamic China.

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