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Makes four way active loudspeaker and high-end horn speakers for stereo and home theater. Provides general information about home audio.

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  • Eryk S. Concept - Manufacturer of a horn monitor. Poland.
  • MaxxHorn - Manufactures and sells the Immersion full range horn speakers floor standing loudspeaker.
  • Klipsch - Wide range of speakers, from computer monitors to speakers home audio.
  • Rey Audio - Manufacturer of high end monitor and floor standing speaker for home and studio. Japan.
  • Bassmax - Makes high output horn loaded bass loudspeakers.
  • edgarhorn - Horn loudspeaker designs by Dr, Bruce Edgar.
  • Classic Audio - Reproductions of classic loudspeakers such as the JBL Hartsfield.
  • Lowther - British manufacturer using drivers built with a forward speakers suspension of horn polyester foam specially treated for tropical speakers climatic conditions of high horn humidity.
  • Duevel - German quasi-omnidirectional speakers. Site in German and English.
  • Sound Physics Labs & Servodrive - Manufacturer of professional horn loudspeakers and subwoofers. USA.
  • Ferguson Hill - Makes unusual transparent horn loaded loudspeakers with no crossover and audio hi-fi components. UK.
  • Gemme Audio - Manufacturer and distributor of fullrange backloaded horn loudspeakers. horn Canada.
  • Acapella Audio Arts - Makes loudspeakers using spherical horns. Germany.
  • The Horn Shoppe - Hand built, full range loudspeakers from South Carolina speakers optimized for speakers use with low-power tube amps.
  • Lenard Audio - Makes four way active loudspeaker and high-end horn audio speakers for speakers stereo and home theater. Provides general audio information about home audio.
  • Martinelli Sound - Manufacturer of wood horn speakers. USA.
  • AEC Artec Electronic Corp - Manufacturer of horn speaker, and electric siren such as alarm, horn speaker, electric siren and animal horn.
  • BD-Design - Manufacturer of high-efficiency loudspeakers for tube amps. Makes speakers also digital horn audio processor and transformer volume control. speakers Netherlands.
  • Yuichi's Audio Lab - Hand craft horn speaker systems.
  • Beauhorn - Manufacturer of horn speakers and a valve amplifier.
  • Mulidine - Makes a range of tower loudspeaker using horn speakers and ribbon tweeter, France.
  • RL Acoustique - Manufacturer of a single driver and horn speaker. audio Qu├ębec, Canada.
  • Cain-Cain - Manufacturer of a variety of horn speaker using exotic veneered speakers cabinetry. USA.
  • Bic Acoustech Speakers - Manufacturer of horn music and home theater speaker, subwoofer and cables. Online order. USA.
  • Avantgarde Acoustic - Unconventional spherical systems from Germany with high sensitivity.
  • Cox Audio Systems - Makes horn tower loudspeakers and bookshelf monitor. USA.

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