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Provides information about CooperVision's soft contact lenses, as well as a list of eye care professionals that dispense their products.

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  • Paragon Vision Sciences - Manufacturer of oxygen permeable and ultra-specialty soft lenses.
  • Cardinal Contact Lens Inc. - Manufacturer of rigid gas permeable contact lenses from consumer goods and eyewear services Canada
  • Precision Vision - Manufacturer of Rigid Gas Permeable lenses for bifocal, astigmatism and keratoconus.
  • Extreme H2O - Molded spherical lens for daily wear, manufactured by consumer goods and consumer goods and services services Benz Research and Development.
  • Progressive Optical Research Inc - Manufacturer of gas permeable lens blanks for the eyewear wholesale labs.
  • Polymer Technology - Produces rigid gas permeable contact lenses, including the Boston brand contact lenses of bifocal lenses and lens care products.
  • CooperVision - Provides information about CooperVision\\'s soft contact lenses, as well as a list of eye care professionals that dispense their products.
  • Hydron Contact Lens Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of disposable and conventional contacts.
  • Lens Dynamics - Manufacturers and distributors of soft and rgp/pmma contact lenses.
  • Metro Optics - Creators of custom contacts. Offering gas permeable and soft contacts consumer goods and services in spherical, bifocal, and astigmatic designs.
  • Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses - Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, Inc., is the consumer goods and contact lenses services manufacturer of contact lenses, including the Acuvue brand.
  • Crystal Reflections Inc. - Specializes in custom coloring of all brands of consumer goods and services soft contact lenses, adding special effects and therapeutic consumer goods and services iris designs.
  • Optical Polymer Research - Suppliers of RGP and soft lens blanks to manufacturers
  • C and H Contact Lens Inc. - Exclusive manufacturer of the Macrolens and other custom contact lenses rigid gas permeable contact lenses.
  • Corneal Lens Corporation NZ Ltd - Manufactures lenses to prescription and distributes lenses from international suppliers. Consumer and practitioner information, plus links and contacts.
  • Conforma - Suppliers of RGP contacts.
  • UltraVision International Ltd. - Manufactures and exports contact lenses available only via eyecare professionals. Torics, multifocals and specialist lenses are produced.
  • Lobob Laboratories - Suppliers of easy to use, comfort producing solutions.
  • Danker Laboratories - Manufactures gas permeable contact lenses for the eye care industry.
  • Tru-Form Optics Inc. - Manufacturer of specialty rigid gas permeable lenses.
  • Contex Inc. - A manufacturer of specialty contact lenses for the contact lenses ophthalmic consumer goods and services community. Their OK Lens is FDA approved contact lenses for orthokeratology.
  • Con-Cise Contact Lens Co. - RGP/PMMA lens manufacturer and distributor.
  • Ciba Vision - Information on contact lenses and care, resources for eye care contact lenses professionals, and a directory of the company.
  • Bausch & Lomb - Produces soft contact lenses and lens care products. Provides information eyewear on eye care and promotions.
  • Woehlk - Manufacturer of the classic hard contact lens from contact lenses Plexiglas, consumer goods and services rigid gas permeable and high water contact lenses content soft consumer goods and services lenses, monthly replacement lenses, colored lenses contact lenses and special lenses.
  • Oculus Ltd. - A producer and exporter of contact lenses, manufacturer contact lenses for contact lenses Boston Lens in South East Asia.
  • High DK Silicone Hydrogels - Offers information about silicone hydrogels, a class of contact lenses highly contact lenses oxygen permeable contact lens materials.
  • Imperial Optical - An independent contact lens distributor specifically geared to consumer goods and services providing factory sealed Brand Name contact lens products consumer goods and services from the major American based manufacturers.
  • Menicon - Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses and contact consumer goods and eyewear services lens care products.
  • Unilens Corp. - Manufacturer of both soft and rigid multifocal lenses.
  • Cantor & Nissel - One on the largest independent manufacturers of contact contact lenses lenses in Europe.
  • X-Cel Contacts - Manufacturer of rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.
  • Innova Vision - A contact lens manufacturer, especially for cosmetic, color consumer goods and services and fun lenses from Taiwan.
  • St. Shine Optical Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of OEM cast molding and lathe cut contact lenses, contact lenses based in Taiwan.
  • Gelflex Laboratories - A manufacturer and developer of soft, rigid gas eyewear permeable and eyewear specialty lenses from Australia.
  • Accu Lens - A manufacturer of gas permeable contact lenses, specializing in corrections eyewear for the most difficult contact lens fits.
  • Westcon - Manufacturer of multifocal lens designs.
  • David Thomas Contact Lenses - Privately owned company since 1972. Offers a consumer goods and services variety of RGP soft and specialist contact lenses, consumer goods and services includes contact information.
  • Ophtec BV - Privately held medical device manufacturing company founded in 1983. Offers ophthalmic implants and related surgical products for cataract, refractive and eye trauma surgery, includes contact information.
  • SCL Contact Lenses, Ltd. - Producing custom hand painted contact lenses for the contact lenses medical eyewear and film industry. Offers images and contact lenses related site eyewear information.
  • Four Eyez - Manufacturer and distributor of fashion/novelty soft contacts.
  • Sauflon Pharmaceuticals - A manufacturer of disposable contact lenses and solutions, consumer goods and services for single vision and presbyopia.
  • LifeStyle Company Inc. - Manufacturer of multifocal lens materials.
  • Provis Limited - Daysoft UV - A manufacturer of one day disposables from the eyewear United Kingdom. Brand Name: Daysoft UV.
  • Custom Color Contacts - Prosthetics and custom tinting services for soft contact lenses.
  • Scotlens - A contact lens manufacturer. Rigid Gas Permeable lenses to individual prescriptions for Optometrists and Opticians.

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