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Manufacturer of eyeglass lenses with sun-activated tints. Lenses are clear indoors and darken outdoors for greater comfort in the sun.

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  • Essilor - Offers a wide range of corrective lenses including eyewear progressive lenses, eyewear scratch resistant and polycarbonate.
  • Sola - Eyeglass lenses, including Percepta progressive lenses for bifocal eyewear prescriptions and Spectralite high index lenses.
  • Transitions Optical - Manufacturer of eyeglass lenses with sun-activated tints. Lenses are clear consumer goods and services indoors and darken outdoors for greater comfort in the sun.
  • Varilux - Produces progressive lenses for bifocal prescriptions.
  • Rodenstock - Eyeglass lenses and frames, including Multigressiv progressive lenses.
  • IcareLabs - Manufacturers and distributes a full variety of glass, ophthalmic lenses plastic consumer goods and services and specialty lenses, and optical related products ophthalmic lenses in the consumer goods and services USA.
  • Advance Optical - Family owned and operated Rx optical lab since 1922. Offers a variety of products that include frames, lenses, coatings and accessories. Mission statement, history of the company, virtual tour and contact information.
  • Thai Optical Group - Manufacturer of mineral/organic ophthalmic and plano lenses, including SV, bifocal, eyewear progressive, photochromic, polarised, computer and sun lenses. Flash required eyewear for this site.
  • Smart Tra Optics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses with a factory in ophthalmic lenses Mainland consumer goods and services China. Includes company profile, products, distributor ophthalmic lenses material and consumer goods and services contact information.
  • OptiCast, Inc. - Manufacturer of on-site lens molding systems. Offers ophthalmic lenses products ophthalmic lenses with photos and benefits, includes contact information.
  • Dispensers Optical Service Corporation - Manufactures safety prescription eyewear and uncut ophthalmic lenses consumer goods and ophthalmic lenses services for commercial and military applications.
  • PRIO - Provides diagnostic tools to optometrists and correctional lenses eyewear to consumers ophthalmic lenses for the diagnosis and treatment of eyewear Computer Vision Syndrome. ophthalmic lenses Offers testimonials, press releases, eyewear FAQ and contact information.
  • Laramy-k Optical - Provides uncut lens surfacing for the independent practitioner.
  • Tant Laboratories, Ltd. - Founded in 1981. Offering uncut lenses and glazing services consumer goods and services to retail ophthalmic opticians, also Hi-Index, progressive and photochromic lenses, consumer goods and services includes photos and online order form and contact information.
  • Plastic Plus, Ltd. - Independent ophthalmic lens manufacturer in Canada for over consumer goods and services 24 years. Offers a variety of lenses consumer goods and services with photos and contact information.
  • Younger Optics - Produces polarized, progressive, polycarbonate, and hard resin lens blanks. Offers eyewear online ordering with use of hand held bar code reader.
  • Ronak Overseas Company - Mass producer of ophthalmic glass lenses and frames. ophthalmic lenses consumer goods and services Offers a variety of products, ordering and ophthalmic lenses shipping information consumer goods and services and contact numbers.
  • Optima, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of high index eyeglass lenses, including Hyperindex ophthalmic lenses brand lenses.
  • Chang Chou Optic Technology - Manufacturer of polycarbonate lenses since 1999. Offers eyewear brief company eyewear overview, lenses and products offered, including eyewear ophthalmic lenses, minu, plus, eyewear insert mold, aspherical lenses, eyewear toric and polycarbonate lenses.
  • PhotoProtective Technologies - Makes synthetic melanin for use in light filters such as consumer goods and services sunglass lenses, fluorescent light filters, contact lenses and computer screens. consumer goods and services Offers a variety of products with photos and contact consumer goods and services information.
  • Action Optics - Manufacturer of polarized sunglasses geared for water-based activities.
  • Precision Optical - Founded in 1996. Offers uncut lenses, glazing services including ophthalmic lenses rimless and contact information.
  • HiTop - Specializes in the development and marketing of plastic eyewear Hi-index optical eyewear lenses.

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