Blackpowder and Muzzleloaders Firearms Consumer Goods and Services

Offers black powder rifles, shooting bags, big bore kits, leather goods, powder horns and muzzle loading accessories for the hunter and shooter.

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  • Pirates Cove Arms Muzzleloading Pistols - Builds and sells custom muzzleloading pistols and accessories.
  • Donelson Custom Muzzleloaders - Designer and builder of custom black powder rifles, smoothbores, pistols, firearms hand-forged knives, hawks, and tools needed by buckskinners, reenactors, shooting firearms enthusiasts, and collectors.
  • Custom Muzzleloaders - Offering custom made black powder rifles, handmade knives, gunstocks, and blackpowder and muzzleloaders knife handle blanks.
  • Mainmast Conservation - Specializes in cannon repair and conservation, historic artillery consumer goods and consumer goods and services services and historic metalwork, barrel repairs, replica carriages, metal consumer goods consumer goods and services and services forgings, replica inert and blank firing cannons for consumer consumer goods and services goods and services sale or hire.
  • Al Edge - Gallery of Virginia longrifles made by Al Edge, consumer goods and consumer goods and services services representative of firearms for sale. Includes production photos consumer goods consumer goods and services and services of a 12 gauge shotgun, as well as consumer consumer goods and services goods and services contact information.
  • Calvary Longrifles - Custom built Early American Longrifles and pistols from firearms the 1750 firearms to 1850 time period.
  • Steen Cannon & Ordnance Works - Manufacturer of full-scale Civil War Artillery. Barrels in cast iron and bronze; gun carriages in solid oak, aluminum, and ductile iron.
  • - Hand crafted black powder rifles made the traditional way, including custom handmade Hawken rifles and Thompson/Center Hawken conversions.
  • Knight Rifles - Designer and manufacturer of in-line muzzleloader rifles. Features a dealer locater, online shopping, company profile and contact information.
  • Cochise Muzzloaders - Specializes in one of a kind and custom firearms muzzleloading rifles.
  • Loyalist Arms And Repairs - Sales and service of black powder firearms, swords, armor and firearms accessories. Import and build muskets.
  • Thompson Center Arms - Learn about black powder muzzleloaders as well as Contender and blackpowder and muzzleloaders Encore single shot pistols. Request a catalog and review the blackpowder and muzzleloaders work of the custom shop.
  • Shiloh Sharps Rifles - Manufacturer of reproduction Sharps 1874 black powder cartridge firearms rifles. Includes available models, a trophy room, firearms user forum, online store, and contact information.
  • Clover Machine Ltd. - Custom blackpowder cannons built to specifications.
  • Axtell Rifle Company/The Riflesmith - Manufacturer of the New Model 1877 Sharps black powder cartridge blackpowder and muzzleloaders rifle and rifle sights.
  • Custom Muzzleloader Works by TA Brown - Handmade black powder rifles, pistols, and buckskinning accessories firearms for the firearms hunter, collector, and reenactment enthusiast.
  • Traditions Performance Firearms - Suppliers of shotguns, muzzleloading rifles and accessories.
  • Navy Arms Company - Manufacturer of rifles and pistols, specializing in classic firearms American firearms consumer goods and services recreations. Features company history, profile, firearms products with images, ordering consumer goods and services information, and customer support.
  • The Hawken Shop - Hawken Rifles, component parts, knives and tomahawks.
  • Jim Chambers Flintlocks - Rifle producer features rifle kits, locks, pistols, and parts. Includes blackpowder and muzzleloaders on-line catalog, price list, FAQs, and links.
  • Davide Pedersoli - Produces modern, historic and replica black powder pistols, blackpowder and muzzleloaders blackpowder and muzzleloaders rifles and revolvers in many popular calibres.
  • Cliff Fuller Antique Firearms and Accessories - Antique firearms dealer, specializing in muzzle loading sporting firearms, reloading blackpowder and muzzleloaders tools, and accessories.
  • October Country Muzzleloading, Inc. - Offers black powder rifles, shooting bags, big bore kits, leather consumer goods and services goods, powder horns and muzzle loading accessories for the hunter consumer goods and services and shooter.
  • Dixie Gun Works - Black powder guns, antique gun parts, and muzzleloading blackpowder and muzzleloaders supplies.
  • Bill Shipman - Gunmaker - Custom flintlock longrifles for the shooter and collector. consumer goods and firearms services Includes photo website.
  • Black Hart Long Arms - Maker of replica 18th century long guns
  • North Star West Home Page - Suppliers of historically correct reproductions of smooth-bore muzzleloading flintlock trade guns.
  • Caywood Gunmakers - Builder of English and French Fusils.
  • Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading, Inc. - Muzzleloading rifles and supplies, custom carving, engraving, scrimshaw and handmade pouches.
  • Ultimate Firearms - Makers of the BP Xpress Muzzleloader; a custom consumer goods and consumer goods and services services Built .50 cal or .45 cal in-line muzzleloader.
  • Killdeer - Authentic, functioning replicas of "Killdeer", the rifle used in the movie - The Last of the Mohicans. Firearm features and ordering information is available.
  • Westlake Engineering - Manufacturer and modifier of Britarms and muzzle loading consumer goods and services pistols. Features profile, product descriptions with photographs, and consumer goods and services contact information. UK.
  • Contemporary Longrifle Association - Collectors, makers, and students dedicated to the making consumer goods and firearms services of contemporary longrifles, accoutrements and related items made consumer goods firearms and services within the twentieth century.
  • Remember the Brave Antique Firearms - Antique and collectible firearms. Cartridge, black powder, and muzzleloading firearms guns.
  • Connecticut Valley Arms - Muzzleloading rifles and accessories maker.
  • Flintlock Guns - How Stuff Works: - Many pictures and videos help describe the flintlock firearms mechanism and firearms the guns that used it.

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