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Listed here include sites of companies that purchase in volume and sell at a wholesale price. These are typically companies that import or otherwise purchase directly from the manufacturer and maintain a reasonably large inventory. They then sell the items to stores and other resellers or retailers who sell to the public. They do not sell directly to the public typically and are not the manufacturers.

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See Also:
  • African Skyblue Trading - Supplier of contemporary African decor and furniture. Cape wholesale and distribution by style Town, South Africa.
  • Global Antiques Holland - Wholesaler of European furniture and shipping goods.
  • Wooten Antieks - Dallas, Texas wholesaler of antique and antique reproduction furniture.
  • Belgian Antique Export - Art-Deco, Belgian and French house furniture (1900-1960). Wholesale by style furniture, furniture lighting, decoration, and antiques.
  • Antique Trading Company - European antique furniture importer, exporter, dealer and wholesaler.
  • A1 Egypt Inc. - French furniture, wrought iron, decor, lighting, marble and by style architectural antiques.
  • Tekovske Luzany - Wholesaler and exporter of unrestored country pine furniture from the by style late 1900's. Slovakia.
  • SinoCurio Furniture - Wholesale dealer and restorer of Chinese curio and furniture antique furniture furniture including the Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture styles.
  • Adelta International - Exclusive distributor of art nouveau furniture approved by wholesale and distribution furniture the Henry van de Velde foundation, Weimar, Germany
  • El Naggar Fine Furniture - Wholesaler and direct importer of handcrafted French and English antique furniture furniture reproductions, and home decor items. Houston, Texas.
  • Chinese Antique Furniture (AFC) Inc. - Wholesale and exporter of antique Chinese furniture.
  • Serra Designs Inc. - Wholesale distributor of metal and glass contemporary furniture. by style Kentucky.
  • Ke Chinese Furniture - Beijing based wholesaler of northern China furniture in by style Shanxi furniture regional style.
  • Wholesale Interiors - Importer and wholesale distributor of contemporary styled furniture. furniture Bensenville, Illinois.
  • Burnham Woods - English and French antiques and reproductions wholesale to the trade.
  • Indo Puri Home Furnishings - Distributor of contemporary handcrafted furniture made from coconut wholesale and distribution by style shells, rattan, wood and other natural fibers. Atlanta, wholesale and distribution by style Georgia.
  • Integrated Capacity Sdn Bhd - Supplier of office furniture, chairs and partitions. Products by style and wholesale and distribution profile. Located in Bandar Puchong Jaya.
  • Chevertons of Edenbridge Ltd. - Wholesales and retails English and Continental 18th, 19th furniture and early 20th century antique furniture.
  • Pugh's Farm Antiques. - Importer and exporter of antiques.
  • Steven Postans Antiques - Wholesale dealers of English and European antique furniture.
  • La Ragnatela - Wholesale Italian and European antique furniture.
  • World Design Center - Supplies reproductions of 18th and 19th century styles wholesale and distribution in seating, cabinets, tables, and accessories.
  • TO Office Furniture Sdn. Bhd. - Provides complete range of office furniture and furnishing.
  • Sharelle Furnishings, Inc. - Importer and distributor of contemporary furniture from Asia furniture and Europe. wholesale and distribution Based in Burbank, California.
  • Mammoth Antiek B.V. - Distributor and retailer specialized in small items, restore and unrestored furniture, hardwood quality furniture, and painted antiques. Holland.

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