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Manufacturer of garden tools which the principal product line is long-handle tools. Also provides tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes, and scoops. USA.

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  • Rhinoceros Manufacturing Ltd. - Manufacturer of garden hand tools. China.
  • Atlantic Innovative Enterprises - Produces N.ViroPotter, a gardening tool that uses newspaper hand tools to make planting pots. Canada.
  • Sneeboer Manufacturing bv - Manufacturers of hand forged stainless steel garden tools. Netherlands.
  • Major Companion Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacture of garden shears, grass trimmers, saws, fireplace tools and equipment tools, and barbeque utensils. Taiwan.
  • Ho Cheng Garden Tools Co. Ltd. - Produces gardening tools and accessories including shears, hand tools and tools and equipment cutters. Taiwan.
  • Union Tools - Manufacturer of garden tools which the principal product line is lawn and garden long-handle tools. Also provides tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes, lawn and garden and scoops. USA.
  • Hokeem International Tools, Inc. - O.E.M. manufacturer of lawn and gardening hand tools. hand tools Hong tools and equipment Kong.
  • Muck Truck - Manufactures powered wheelbarrows that can move large loads in a lawn and garden small space. Contact information and gallery.
  • Trail Blazer Products - Featuring Xtend-A-Saw, folding pruning saw and telescopic pole hand tools attachments tools and equipment and Xtend-A-Blade. Made in Canada.
  • Index Innovations - Manufacturer of a circle hoe. Online store. USA.
  • Felco, SA - Swiss manufacturer of cutting tools for gardening (hand tools and equipment pruners, loppers, and hand saws), cable and wire tools and equipment cutting, and specialized applications.
  • Herramientas el Agricultor - Manufacturer of gardening and cultivating tools. Spain.
  • Yeoman and Company - Manufacturer of agricultural, garden, winter and cutting tools hand tools such lawn and garden as snow shovels, shovel, and trapping tools. hand tools USA.
  • Gardeners Pal Ltd. - Wholesale distributor of gardening tools and products. UK.
  • Gränsfors Bruk - Handmade in Sweden these axes are made for hand tools hard tools and equipment labour as well as pleasure.
  • Garant - Manufacturer of snow, lawn, and garden tools. Canada.
  • Wall Industries, Inc. - Importer and wholesale distributor of the Silky Saws brand of lawn and garden hand saws. North Carolina, USA.
  • Barnel International, Inc. - Manufacturer of garden and horticultural hand tools, saws, lawn and garden lawn and garden and loppers. USA.
  • Sta.for - Manufacturer of garden tool such as shears, grape-cure scissors, vineyard shears, vintage scissors, and handsaws. Italy.
  • Burgon & Ball, Ltd. - Manufacturer of agricultural and gardening tools. Includes a product and retailer list with contact information. UK.
  • Bradley's the Tannery - Handmade traditional leather gloves, aprons, tool holders, and knee pads. England.
  • Joshua Roth - Japanese tools, supplies and accessories providing assistance in lawn and garden selecting Bonsai products appropriate to each enthusiasts needs.
  • Winland Garden Tools Co. - Manufacturer of garden tools, including pruning shears, grass lawn and garden tools and equipment shears, and garden tool sets.

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