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Georgian/Regency dolls houses handmade to order in birch ply ranging from 6 roomed cottages to large 11-13 roomed country manors. Only wood and birch ply are used - no MDF.

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See Also:
  • Vintage Miniatures - Designs and produces handcrafted reproductions of wicker furniture and accessories.
  • Roomboxes Etc. - Peter Tucker builds custom roomboxes, Arts and Crafts Style and miniatures and dollhouses modern lighting including track and fluorescent, and modern furniture.
  • A*M*S*I - Manufacturers of miniature landscaping supplies, including kits. recreation Offers photos of completed layouts.
  • The Kennedys - Handmade miniature polymer clay "gingerbread" houses, churches, castles recreation and trains, recreation plus 1/12 and 1/24 scale grand recreation pianos, upright pianos and recreation spinets. There is a recreation show schedule where the Kennedys sell recreation their work.
  • Twin Mansion Miniatures - 1/12 scale replica of the second empire Brown models Mansion in recreation Toledo, Ohio, by Wendy Bedell.
  • Joel's Woodturning - Handcrafted wooden containers, bowls and vases. Also offers duck calls, models full scale turned items and wood turning tools. Includes a models how to section.
  • Japanese Miniatures - Japanese style accessories, pottery, food and furniture. Mail order catalog recreation available.
  • Romney Miniatures - Designers and manufacturers of Tudor doll houses and miniatures and dollhouses miniatures and dollhouses handmade finishing components in 1/12 and 1/24 scales.
  • Lighted Fairy Houses - Miniature custom handcrafted fairy houses for indoors, solar powered weather miniatures and dollhouses resistant outdoor fairy houses, and twig furniture.
  • Van Dijk Miniatures - Hand-turned wooden miniature accessory items.
  • Jens Torp Design - 1/12 scale reproduction silverware. Gallery, contact information and miniatures and dollhouses show schedule.
  • Deneway Dollshouses - Georgian/Regency dolls houses handmade to order in birch miniatures and dollhouses ply ranging from 6 roomed cottages to large miniatures and dollhouses 11-13 roomed country manors. Only wood and birch miniatures and dollhouses ply are used - no MDF.
  • Auer Mini Wonderland - Staten Island miniature shop.
  • Wood Lane - Offering 1/12th scale wooden dolls\\' house kits crafted miniatures and dollhouses in the UK.
  • Atelier Yoyita Miniatures - Miniature paintings, in the style of the old masters.
  • Bryan Frost Dollhouses - Hand crafted period style dollhouses in 1/24 and 1/12 scale.
  • Frogmorton Studios - Featuring the castles, cottages, Hobbit homes and fairy recreation houses of models Rik Pierce.
  • Heirloom Quality Miniature Figurines - Catalog and information on where to by miniature collectible bronze recreation figurines by Randall Zadar.
  • Studio B Miniatures - 1/12 scale items produced by the Birkemeier family recreation from 1970-1984, miniatures and dollhouses including Early American tinware reproductions, furniture, recreation decoys, paintings, rooms, and miniatures and dollhouses dollhouses.
  • Vullo-Hyde Studios - Hand crafted dollhouse miniature animals by Josie Vullo-Hyde including dogs, models cats, farm and wildlife lively animal sculptures in 1/12 scale.

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