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Offers highly detailed models of rock outcrops and quarry walls made from rubber which can be trimmed and bent to fit layouts.

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  • Ngaugingbridges - Offering hand crafted wooden arch, deck, truss, bridges buildings and scenery and trestles in Z, N, HO, Nn3 and buildings and scenery HOn3 scales.
  • Model Rail Structures - Structures and details for model railroaders.
  • Busch Models - German maker of HO and N scale vehicles, buildings and scenery scenery.
  • Fine Scale Miniatures - Makes HO scale structure kits with metal detail.
  • Woodland Scenics - Makers of cast metal scenery and detail kits.
  • Noch - German makers of scenery and layouts.
  • Downtown Deco - Structure kits in hydrocal.
  • Stone Mill Models - O scale structure kits.
  • K's G-Scale Buildings - Provides a wide variety of buildings made with models wood such buildings and scenery as 1930 to 1950 churches and models houses. USA.
  • Herpa Models - German maker of HO and N scale vehicles.
  • Classic Metal Works - Diecast vehicles in HO and N.
  • Mouse Models - Makers of plastic cemetery scenery kit.
  • Design Preservation Models - Maker of urban building kits in HO and buildings and scenery models N.
  • Micro Structures - Makers of brass buildings, animated "neon" signs, working buildings and scenery buildings and scenery drive-in theater.
  • Hunter's Scenery Co. - Model railroad scenery from N to G gauge.
  • Cripplebush Valley Models - Offers highly detailed models of rock outcrops and models quarry walls made from rubber which can be models trimmed and bent to fit layouts.
  • Javis Manufacturing - Makes a range of hobby, model and accessory buildings and scenery railroad products including scenic scatters, landscape mats, countryside buildings and scenery railroad trees, walling, hedging, lichen and wargame terrains. UK.
  • Mountain Modelcraft - Mountain Modelcraft creates realistic model landscaping supplies for models modeling dioramas.
  • Kibri - German maker of structure kits.
  • Rix Products - Scenery and structure kits for HO and N models scales.
  • Sterling Models - Makes trees and deep profile rock castings. Mail or fax railroad order. USA.
  • Metcalfe Models - Card models of buildings in OO and N railroad scales.
  • Ceynix Railway Trees - Showpiece trees for layouts in all scales. UK.
  • KardKits - Manufacturers of card kits such as structures, road buildings and scenery models and rail vehicles. UK.

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