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Manufacturers of radios and other electronics for remote control models.

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See Also:
  • Hi-tec - Maker of radios and electronics for radio control.
  • Futaba - Manufacturer of radio and electronic products.
  • Novak Electronics - Designer of electronic speed controls , chargers and electronics receivers for remote control remote control cars.
  • RC Electronics - Manufacturer of watt meters, power analyzers and battery remote control chargers. remote control Provides FAQs and tutorials. Online order. USA.
  • Tekin - Designs and manufactures electronic components including speed controllers and battery remote control chargers. Provides products manuals. USA.
  • CamLight Systems - Battery dischargers, auto-cutoff modules and technical tips for R/C and models robot NiCd and NiMH battery pack users. USA.
  • Power Master - Provides small, high powered devices such as speed controls for RC model cars and aircraft. Australia.
  • RCAT Systems - Provides telemetry systems for UAV\'s and R/C models. USA.
  • Magellan Technologies - Manufacturers of batteries, chargers, and twin pondmaster motors electronics and cells. models USA.
  • Electronize Design - Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic speed controllers, switchers, remote control and motors. UK.
  • Airtronics - Transmitters, receivers, and servos.

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